Not planning to go to work's big Annum Novum party. For a longstanding PNW institution, this party is looking awfully NYC-ish.

And I ❤️ food trucks, but for how much cash admission costs, I want a snack and a drink (not just bubbly for a midnight toast) thrown in gratis.

I'm cranky about all this cross-promotional sponsorship, too. Bah, humbug.

@kit Ok, no, I don't, but my +1 would hafta. Also, I got no fancy duds for partying, and it asks for that. I'm not a fancy clothing kinda guy, you know? My sartorial growth hit ~1992 and shut down.

@rjl20 @kit I still say you ought to go for a fancy formal caftan and a cylindrical hat. But this particular party is shaping up as a big dull too-cool-for-school dud.

@sculpin @kit I could git my buzz on, drinking my fizz until I fuzz out in my ... cylindrical Moroccan hat.

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