Howdy to folks with accounts in this spot who I probably forgot to say howdy to prior to now: @markonalark , @AABBCCDD, @alison, @molly, @insipid, @solvxrv, @coisasoutras, @Hava, @ilona, @kolinjMum, @dozns, @Nil_Pill, @tony, @Yuxx, @rjp, @micchi, @gwbaum, and @nat! (Many of whom didn't post any toots so far.) Did I miss anybody?

@rjl20 hiya! glad to post toots in this spot. oulipo is an invigorating thing.

@rjl20 So many joining! How did you find this location?

@rjl20 @tallbox From this: I was curious about Dolphin Town, and upon spotting “oulipo” was all AWWWW YAH OULIPO PARTY

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