Six accounts in 24 hours? On a normal day would grow by 1 at most. Did I miss a shout out in a popular spot?

day 11: hook and yarn craft block again, also from that afghan I’m working on.

day 10: a block from a hook and yarn crafting afghan I’m making, slowly, from a kit.

day 2: focaccia straight out of a pan I got just for Squarch. Gonna try thick pizza soon.

30: Mississippi Snagboat (choosing this not for its ■ dancing quality, but for its oulipo-compliant naming)

28, with aid from @sculpin in finding chords: a waltz by Robin Bullock for his pals' nuptials

27: 8.04672 km of Ulma wood
(V. busy day, but happy that I'm managing to post prior to midnight and not skip a day.)

21: Sunday is waltz day. This is a waltz I dig that Foghorn Stringband plays:

20: non-oulipo compliant, but an approximation is "I got this ditty from a guy with a 'nym similar to a partially-aquatic amphibian in pain"

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