30: Mississippi Snagboat (choosing this not for its ■ dancing quality, but for its oulipo-compliant naming)

28, with aid from @sculpin in finding chords: a waltz by Robin Bullock for his pals' nuptials

27: 8.04672 km of Ulma wood
(V. busy day, but happy that I'm managing to post prior to midnight and not skip a day.)

21: Sunday is waltz day. This is a waltz I dig that Foghorn Stringband plays: oulipo.link/JKomDT

20: non-oulipo compliant, but an approximation is "I got this ditty from a guy with a 'nym similar to a partially-aquatic amphibian in pain"

17: I forgot about St Patrick, so not an Irish post, sorry! This is Buffalo Gals: oulipo.link/zzyPnY

16: Pony With Spots On (which was known as "Boots for Walking in Snow" prior to ~1970)

15: A bit of non-right-hand pizzicato in this. I think probably this should go not so fast, so possibly it's not so good for squar dancing, but I'm posting it anyway. oulipo.link/jmBCrW

14, pi day! I don't know any music about pi, but I know an additional waltz, which is in 3, which is similar to pi. This is "Isambard's Waltz", by B. Molsky. oulipo.link/3kofmm

13: dropping down to cross-F; G was low, but not as low as I want. Again, I can't say what to call this, thanks to all non-oulipo-compliant words, and I also can't say who it's from.

12th: "Halifax", from NH Mills by way of Armin B. (For Halifax, Virginia, I think, not Nova Scotia.) Tuning is cross-G (GDGD).

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