Ok, as @sculpin points out, I can go to a "buy from your car" shop right now. I just can't buy anything from such a spot, not from my car anyway.

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Fixing my stuck car window, thanks to instructions from random folks sharing vids. I can't go to "pull up to a window and buy from your car" shops right now, but soon. Soon.

Also howdy to @dougfort, who has no toots, but is possibly a potato! (Is a tooting potato a stunt dish similar to a blooming onion?)

Howdy to @markus, @caf, @lstudio, and any folks who didn't toot so far or put down a bio, so I didn't say howdy to you! Sorry I didn't do this prior to now!

Posting in an idiom of Hayastan is a way to comply with our prohibition on that glyph, no doubt. Howdy, @miskaryan!

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@nuanvarm I don't know how many folks in this spot can grok that kind of writing, but it is in fact compliant with our glyph prohibition, as you say.

Six accounts in 24 hours? On a normal day oulipo.social would grow by 1 at most. Did I miss a shout out in a popular spot?

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hi!a guy who wants to add words is landing!

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@sasha_sorokin That's a big chunk which wants translation, yup.

Community additions and back-from-hiatus folks for today: @KNTRO and @skk

Howdy or good having you back, as fits your situation!

@voyl Shouting at dolphin.town: aaaaaah! Aaaaah!

@joshly Hrm. I'm turning off your 2FA; I don't know why that's occurring, but probably it's to do with that.

@ojahnn @marshall
✅ Sitting in a dark room
❌ Counting glyph violations

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