RJL20 boosts

@a Which is to say, glyphs don't vanish automatically. If it's in main and updating occurs on this instantiation, it'll show up in this spot initially too.

@a Alas, this is a thing that upgrading always brings with it. That tutorial is straight from main, no translation at all.

It's back! My prognostication about how long it would go down for was right on, too. *cough*

ATTN: This instantiation will soon go down for upgrading. Back up in 15 60ths of an hour, with any luck.

Instantiation Notification: Mastodon v2.7.0 is out, and I am anticipating installing it tonight (5+ hours from now, say). I'll post again just prior to taking things down for upgrading.

@ranjit @kit Nobody wants to play hybrid offspring in our band, it turns out.

@ranjit @kit Banjos and accordions do spawn akin to rabbits. Trading your banjions and accordos for summat tasty such as gumdrops is only good thinking.

@kit It's hard to own too many banjos, that is a truth. But you can also own accordions! An accordion isn't an anti-banjo, nor is a banjo an anti-accordion.

@kit Calumny! Our band contains both banjos _and_ accordions!

@kit Sounds similar to my short film, "Film With Shots From Its Own Financing".

@jay Hi back, from a fairly small portion of "world".

@sculpin Oh, it looks as though @joshly did that gag half a day ago! Nuts.

@sculpin You wouldn't forgot an auld acquaintanz.


@kit @wish "Ball-caught abominations, but for blip-bloop gaming rigs, not trading cards"?

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