@tully Huh. I _think_ that DM will show up for you, but you still must comply with our constraints if you want to talk back. But I don’t actually know.

This guy: individually coil-binding small books at a print&copy shop costs too much! $30 for 10 books? Nuts!

Also this guy: I should totally buy this $300 quasi-industrial coil-binding monstrosity. For 10 books, occasionally.


@ruru4143 If history is anything to go by, this particular social platform is for snails, Moby Dick humor, Walt Whitman, and odd wordplay.

@ruru4143 Howdy! It is, but it's also kind of hard to stop.

RJL20 boosts

Wow, its hard to start tooting on this instantiation

At last, it's that point in our solar orbit for my annual posting of that old (auld?) folks' song, by "batfancy" Tim (who is not Josh Billings), ft. jubilant horn: timeriksen.bandcamp.com/track/

@bonf Dark, spicy bundts. I did a most tasty bundt of that kind a ways back but lost my instructions, so now I'm on a mission to do it again until it's right.

@ojahnn Jackdaws abhor my four quarts of s̶p̶h̶i̶n̶x̶ liquid brown sugar?

What I bought today: a bigass jug of liquid brown sugar.

@bcj @ranjit @sculpin @tallbox @ojahnn

(Oulipo-compliant translations for things this patch adds forthcoming...)

Oh! I think I know how to apply that local-only patch to our instantiation. Gonna try it now; sorry about this coming blackout!

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