@sculpin @ranjit
A short list of animals:
Wolf, dog,
Bull, frog.

and all that sun-drying gold
squash it into blocks or in a roll

@annika I don't particularly trust 1Password, but I got nothing to back that up. It's probably as good as what I'm doing now; I should try it.

Got a not-as-old talk/sms/pokymon-go-playing box, and gotta switch all my two factor auth digits now. *sigh*

@annika Annoying in ways apart from canon, anyway.

@annika I dug hpmor.com/ as a not-so-annoying fanfic spin on that story.

@kit Sir, if you look into this arbys, arbys will look back into you.

mod and or mods, do not look! 

@annika "1" is a solitary digit, it's a fact. But it's said that "2" is almost as bad.

Such a traditional and fitting "is this thing on" for toot #1, though!

@annika Hadn't had calls for any until now, I think! Which do you mourn a lack of?

@mlc @kit @joshly I am adjudicating thusly, granting auto-absolution: orthography is odd in this spot, but syntax is only odd insofar as it's a byproduct of orthographic constraints, not from a primary constraint. So: no comma, no command.

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