@halfgray Folks say good things about Jitsi. I should look at it again;.

@sculpin @molly I'm pro-goat, but not so much with indoor goats. A pal just got cut off from www/mail/zoom and such thanks to a goat consuming important cabling.

Howdy to folks with accounts in this spot who I probably forgot to say howdy to prior to now: @markonalark , @AABBCCDD, @alison, @molly, @insipid, @solvxrv, @coisasoutras, @Hava, @ilona, @kolinjMum, @dozns, @Nil_Pill, @tony, @Yuxx, @rjp, @micchi, @gwbaum, and @nat! (Many of whom didn't post any toots so far.) Did I miss anybody?

@solvxrv Not automatically, but for any bot you don't want to watch, you can hush that bot manually:

@solvxrv Looking at "local", a lot of traffic is bots, yup. You gotta scroll a bit to find human folks.

@digitalthan @Hava I think I could modify how it works for photo captions, too, if that's how folks want it. But for now, that's how it works: photo captions can contain that fifth glyph, but tricky topic warnings can't.

My latin is old and rusty. I think this is right, though.

Making a big pot of soup with collards and ham and a traditional black-spot faba for annum novum. It's not my tradition, but it is tasty, so I'm taking it.

@ranjit That which you call a snail by additional callings springs just as sproingy.

@ranjit @sculpin @starlit Ah, right, ∞-snail stack, upon which stand four ginormous ouliphants, who in turn support our land.

@nv @joshly I think many strings probably still want translating, particularly in parts to do with mail notifications.

Shoot, that was an opportunity to try out "li¢sing" as an oulipo-compliant word.

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What? No, no. I'm not thinking of starting a cult to avoid tax. I'm thinking of starting a cult for a discount on musical composition playing rights; turns out a church only has to pay a third what a pub would.

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