(cat passing on) i had a bad but as it is said: that's that 

I bought it in 2010. Why is it so slow now? *sigh*

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Also, my computing box is only mostly up to this task. So... that's fun.

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My work found out last night that tomorrow night's public virtual shindig is too popular for our Zoom account. So today was my day to study up on how bouncing a zoom thing to youtoob works. Half a fortnight's study in a day. My brain is full.

*puts on long black coat and ocular mirrors*

"I know OBS-fu."

Opinion on this batch: tasty, but soupy. A bit of cornstarch might fix that in round two. Gonna put bits of this batch in my morning oat groats, though; that sounds amazing.

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Aloha to an arrival to this toot-spot: @nat!

Again, putting rhubarb and oats and flour and sugar cinnamon and milk fat in a hot box and waiting for tasty noms.

Baking a rhubarb crisp with oats and cinnamon and brown sugar and such, with rhubarb from our back yard. Looking forward to nomming, but good sniffing is going on now!

Fixing structural cracks in my fancy work chair with plastic zips and two-part joining liquid (it sat all night curing). Works so far! *crossing digits for luck*

Shout out to oulipians @NHS, @guchinowaso, @B2020, and @Lo_LO_ol, not in this spot for too many days so far. Howdy!

Words with bad glyphs in photo 

So much working-from-sofa support today. So much. Why didn't folks try this prior to its turning mandatory? It wasn't surprising. Bah.

food, birthday, piano 

Nix that last! Upgrading occurs! Proclamations: a thing, now! (Fixing that bad glyph post-zzzs, though.)

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*sigh* No upgrading of mastodon today, but OS and DB got a good airing-out. I think all should work as it did hours ago, but LMK if not.

Doing a full backup first, which could push upgrading back a ways...

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