Words with bad glyphs in photo 

So much working-from-sofa support today. So much. Why didn't folks try this prior to its turning mandatory? It wasn't surprising. Bah.

food, birthday, piano 

Nix that last! Upgrading occurs! Proclamations: a thing, now! (Fixing that bad glyph post-zzzs, though.)

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*sigh* No upgrading of mastodon today, but OS and DB got a good airing-out. I think all should work as it did hours ago, but LMK if not.

Doing a full backup first, which could push upgrading back a ways...

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NB: this instantiation might go down for a bit soon. Upgrading things, as soon as I'm ok in my mind about what has to go on.

@tully Huh. I _think_ that DM will show up for you, but you still must comply with our constraints if you want to talk back. But I don’t actually know.

This guy: individually coil-binding small books at a print&copy shop costs too much! $30 for 10 books? Nuts!

Also this guy: I should totally buy this $300 quasi-industrial coil-binding monstrosity. For 10 books, occasionally.


@ruru4143 If history is anything to go by, this particular social platform is for snails, Moby Dick humor, Walt Whitman, and odd wordplay.

@ruru4143 Howdy! It is, but it's also kind of hard to stop.

RJL20 boosts

Wow, its hard to start tooting on this instantiation

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Oulipo.social (Mark II)

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