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About to shut down this instantiation for a short bit to bring it up to v2.4.3 (oops; didn't catch 2.4.1 or 2.4.2)

And now plumbing shop is shut until tomorrow.

Plumbing conundrum: parts fit in shop prior to buying; do not fit upon arrival at work spot. Spacing of spiral cut on part fails to match spacing on part it has to attach to. *SIGH* Always, plumbing parts do this, my first try.

Today, by radio, and also on giant hoardings, a rabbi, an admiral notorious for his links to Masonry, a trio of cardinals, a trio, too, of insignificant politicians (bought and paid for by a rich and corrupt Anglo-Canadian banking corporation), inform us all of how our country now risks dying of starvation. A rumour, that's my initial thought as I switch off my radio, a rumour or possibly a hoax. Propaganda, I murmur anxiously—as though, just by saying so, I might allay my ...

This instantiation is now at Mastodon v2.4.0. Oulipo-compliant status of UI is low. I'll work on that tomorrow.

About to shut down this instantiation for a short bit to bring it up to v2.4.0.

Wait, I'm doing this backwards. Dang it.

Sir hand
Or is it ma'am
I off of my right spot did fall again
And you
My plight did know
And now I'm in a spot a train should go

I want to thank you for putting this train on its train track

Snail on this island, goin' south to north
Go and say to my own gal I know what my gal's worth (x2)

Snail on this island, moan mighty low
Go and say to my own gal as far as I can go (x2)

Snail on this island, bound down that track
Going to board at 5:18, I'm not coming back (x2)

Pal: I saw an ad for packs of tiny proto-plants that grow into buds and blossoms with rainbow coloring! Do any of you know about this? Should I buy any?
All pal's pals: It's a scam; photoshop is a thing, as is food coloring.
Pal: But it's only a dollar, it's worth trying, right?

No! It's not worth trying! It's a scam! What is wrong with you?


April is a most unkind month, raising
Lilacs from fallow land, mixing
Nostalgia and ambition, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.


Datta. Dayadhvam. Damyata.

Shantih shantih shantih

--T.S. Oulipiot

So, uh. If you just got a bunch of daily mails from just now, I'm sorry. I found and got rid of a bug, but it possibly was holding back a flood of mail.

Status: roaming halls at work, looking for a cart I had for load-in.

How about combining April Fools' Day and Daylight Saving Shift Day? Up at dawn? Ha ha, it was just a prank!

Sorry about adding a bug having to do with spacing just now! It should work again.

@rjl20 422 status if including that fifth glyph. Good-ish.

Now I find out if posting from an app works.

This instantiation is back up at -- migration of posts did work, migration of photos wasn't a possibility. I don't know if global chat works; I'm only on this particular mastodon instantiation for now.

Flag bugs at, if you would.

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0