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Whilst looking at oulipo translation bugs in our spot's mastodon program, I found an actual bug in a part of what only admins can look at. And it's not a bug now. I should submit my patch back to main. Huh.

Instantiation policy discussion topic: boosts of non-oulipo-compliant toots from global instantiations. I think I could automatically prohibit that; should I try?

I'm not saying I want to! Just tossing it out for community discussion.

I should probably put up a www spot for folks to find instantiation status, plans for shutdowns, and such, huh?

This instantiation now runs v2.4.5. Looking forward to 2.5.0 soon-ish, possibly.

Gonna shut down this instantiation for a bit to apply a fix or two.

I am finding out so many things about Windows ACLs in a small amount of clock ticks. SO MANY THINGS. And such a small amount of ticks.


@3butBackwards Just so you know, using "3" to avoid using that glyph which is "3 but backwards" in toots on this instantiation? That's a paddlin'.

oulipo standards 

oulipo standards 

Sorry about that nonfunctional bit just now! Fixing bad glyphs in our UI is a surprisingly long task with such a small computing instantiation working on it.

Want to assist with oulipo translation? You can kibitz on non-compliant strings at

Right-click on a string and add your oulipo-compliant translation in a pop-up kibitzing form.


(Only low-hanging fruit shows up in this tool; difficult-to-track-down strings don't.)

Instantiation status: bouncing up and down as I do a first pass of fixing bad translations in v2.4.3. Finishing up now; sorry!

Instantiation is now at v2.4.3. Bad glyphs in our UI, ahoy!

... in about an hour; day job calls, first.

About to shut down this instantiation for a short bit to bring it up to v2.4.3 (oops; didn't catch 2.4.1 or 2.4.2)

And now plumbing shop is shut until tomorrow.

Plumbing conundrum: parts fit in shop prior to buying; do not fit upon arrival at work spot. Spacing of spiral cut on part fails to match spacing on part it has to attach to. *SIGH* Always, plumbing parts do this, my first try.

Today, by radio, and also on giant hoardings, a rabbi, an admiral notorious for his links to Masonry, a trio of cardinals, a trio, too, of insignificant politicians (bought and paid for by a rich and corrupt Anglo-Canadian banking corporation), inform us all of how our country now risks dying of starvation. A rumour, that's my initial thought as I switch off my radio, a rumour or possibly a hoax. Propaganda, I murmur anxiously—as though, just by saying so, I might allay my ...

This instantiation is now at Mastodon v2.4.0. Oulipo-compliant status of UI is low. I'll work on that tomorrow.

About to shut down this instantiation for a short bit to bring it up to v2.4.0.

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