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Hallo to oulipans who I forgot to say hallo to at signup: @L, @lucinda, @shayman, @jg03, and @col!

(And shout out to a Florida psychiatric clinic that didn't know what it was signing up for, with our glyph prohibition, I'm thinking.)

third: fiddling music that took a hop across a stylistic boundary to how I play it. Still good for squar-dancing, probably:

is oulipo-compliant, but what you'd call what I'm doing isn't. I don't do visual art much, so music it is:

Howdy to folks with accounts in this spot who I probably forgot to say howdy to prior to now: @markonalark , @AABBCCDD, @alison, @molly, @insipid, @solvxrv, @coisasoutras, @Hava, @ilona, @kolinjMum, @dozns, @Nil_Pill, @tony, @Yuxx, @rjp, @micchi, @gwbaum, and @nat! (Many of whom didn't post any toots so far.) Did I miss anybody?

My latin is old and rusty. I think this is right, though.

Making a big pot of soup with collards and ham and a traditional black-spot faba for annum novum. It's not my tradition, but it is tasty, so I'm taking it.

Shoot, that was an opportunity to try out "li¢sing" as an oulipo-compliant word.

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What? No, no. I'm not thinking of starting a cult to avoid tax. I'm thinking of starting a cult for a discount on musical composition playing rights; turns out a church only has to pay a third what a pub would.

Us, a nonprofit: *looking for cloud hosting, don't got much cash*

Microsoft: I got discounts for nonprofits! You know you want a discount! Apply now!

Us: Yay!

Microsoft: Not your kind of nonprofit.

Us: Oh.

Amazon: I got discounts for nonprofits too! Apply now!

Us: Yay!

Amazon: Program's on hold until January.

Us: Oh.

RJL20 boosts


A is for Ahab, who hunts down a whal

(it's your turn now)

I just laid down 11 tracks of fiddling, about 4.5m to a track, for a www toy/tool I'm working on. That's an album's worth! It took about two hours (plus a bit to upload and post), and quality is accordingly low -- first try only for all but a particularly bad try. But that's a bunch of stuff to accomplish, and I'm proud of putting it out. Yay!

I bought it in 2010. Why is it so slow now? *sigh*

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Also, my computing box is only mostly up to this task. So... that's fun.

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My work found out last night that tomorrow night's public virtual shindig is too popular for our Zoom account. So today was my day to study up on how bouncing a zoom thing to youtoob works. Half a fortnight's study in a day. My brain is full.

*puts on long black coat and ocular mirrors*

"I know OBS-fu."

Opinion on this batch: tasty, but soupy. A bit of cornstarch might fix that in round two. Gonna put bits of this batch in my morning oat groats, though; that sounds amazing.

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Aloha to an arrival to this toot-spot: @nat!

Again, putting rhubarb and oats and flour and sugar cinnamon and milk fat in a hot box and waiting for tasty noms.

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