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20: a waltz! This got its 'nym from a camping spot 'twixt Arizona and Utah.

18: A bit squawky and pitchy, but not awful for my first go-round at playing this Garry Harrison composition.

16th: I play music half-fortnightly in a trio with banjo and guitar via JamKazam, a jamming program which cuts down on awkward timing for music what you'd run into on Zoom and such. This is from tonight's jam:

Pi Day falls in ! So I found a ditty with "pi" in its 'nym: "Chook Pi"

day 12: "Doon Da Rooth", a ditty in 21/8 I got in a workshop a ways back. With strumstick accompanying -- my backup robot knows not what to do with 21/8.

day 11: hook and yarn craft block again, also from that afghan I’m working on.

day 10: a block from a hook and yarn crafting afghan I’m making, slowly, from a kit.

Fiddling with my strings in DDAD configuration today for , on "Coalman's March":

Today's fiddling has a 'nym that's two thirds non-oulipo-compliant. I'll call it "Ruby Grasslands Dawn":

day 7 (bah to missing midnight for posting, but I did finish making it prior to that): 49 Cats in a Rain Cask

No post on Saturday thanks to an all-day workathon, but I did two squarchy things on Thursday so I'm still on track. Today's fiddling is a ditty I'm calling "All Fours", to cut down on confusion with colliding 'nyms in this musical classification.

day ... four. Right. March forth into Squarch! (I'm a bit loopy from work still.) This is a ditty that just rolls along in no hurry, or that's how I play it anyway: Moonlight

(It's got two and a half parts, so I'm going kinda light on "squar" and not as light on "ish" today.)

Wait, it's day 3, isn't it? Man. I just can not count days right now. Today is Thursday, March 732nd, 2020. Only off by a bit!

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day 2: focaccia straight out of a pan I got just for Squarch. Gonna try thick pizza soon.

day 2: Kansas City Rag (not from Kansas City, as far as I know; also not a rag).

A bad oulipo gag:

Q: What do you call oulipo, but only for a day, in Spanish, and swapping "I" for that glyph this spot prohibits?

A: No-I día.

I'm making squar-ish fiddling mp3s again for . Today's ditty is "Rosco":

Howdy to @alikins, who I know through @sculpin! If you wanna know how to play kalimbazooka, that's who to ask.

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