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17: I forgot about St Patrick, so not an Irish post, sorry! This is Buffalo Gals:

16: Pony With Spots On (which was known as "Boots for Walking in Snow" prior to ~1970)

Making pizza in our backyard pizza cooking box is a lot of fun! And tasty. It was a good way to ring out pi day, but I forgot to snap any photos.

15: A bit of non-right-hand pizzicato in this. I think probably this should go not so fast, so possibly it's not so good for squar dancing, but I'm posting it anyway.

14, pi day! I don't know any music about pi, but I know an additional waltz, which is in 3, which is similar to pi. This is "Isambard's Waltz", by B. Molsky.

13: dropping down to cross-F; G was low, but not as low as I want. Again, I can't say what to call this, thanks to all non-oulipo-compliant words, and I also can't say who it's from.

12th: "Halifax", from NH Mills by way of Armin B. (For Halifax, Virginia, I think, not Nova Scotia.) Tuning is cross-G (GDGD).

11: in cross-A tuning, playing a not-so-old composition by two guys in NM

Hmm, Octodon is down again. Looks as though Oulipo is truly main.

9: Sandy Boys
I'm not particularly happy with this, but I'm going for "continuous run > high quality", so it'll do.

8th: a bit of fiddling that I can't say what it is, thanks to all its words having oulipo non-compliant glyphs, and my failing to think of substitutions. "That US coin with a buffalo on it, but not that old kind"?

Apricot is traditional, or razbury (sp?), but plum is what I got in my cold food box, so plum it is.

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Bonus : Mazurka, a Polish nuptial pastry with flour, dairy fat, brown sugar, oats, coconut, walnuts, and plum jam filling. I had a ton hanging out at brown liquid shops post high school, not as hard to craft on my own as I thought. Om nom.

7th: A waltz by a kickass fiddling gal in Virginia (originally from British Columbia). Link says why I think a waltz works for Squarch:

sixth: Calico Billy in a Lowground. "Calico" is from how, from low to high, strings on my violin go GDGB (and so don't call for a bad glyph to talk about that high string). "Calico" is what you call that tuning (although usually it's in A, not G).

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