I'm a guy who just wants to fix things and think a lot.

Things that bring joy in my day-to-day:

* Solving programming bugs and making tools
* Baking grain flours with liquid, salt, and wild fungus
* Cats and plants
* Finding out about difficult topics and things I know nothing about

Fun constraints always show that I and my brain can stay dynamic, so I'm glad to find such a cool community! ✌️

In March I did toot that it had two flavors, "light rain" and "not-light rain". Ditto for May, turns out. Not a good annum to go hard on capsicum plants.

Gilt stairs pallid with frost,
Morning so far flown that frost soaks my stockings,
I unbind a crystal curtain
And moon-watch through an uncloudy autumn.

Ou Li Po

Days start coming and don't stop coming--
And Custom wolfs Us down --
Our Running starts upon our Birth--
It's Rational to Clown.

Hand to God, I am rooming with so many tiny capsicum sprouts right now

I'm starting to think that ironing is to quiltmaking as making tools sharp is to woodworking. (Got way down a rabbit trail about ironing.)

Congratulations to all Squarch Squad, big or small!

I got squars
So many squars
How many squars you got?


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Don't wholly know what I'm doing, but it's ticking right along.

That small clip/clamp thing is good, btw.

Starting in on making stringy parts into sturdy bars by twining string into that cutwork.

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in this -about-town, a local yarn artist has lovingly hand-wrought small flags for waving at a crosswalk or impromptu parading.

such fiddly cutwork is worth putting off until a day with strong sunlight

a hand-wrought HST for squarch from that onionskin-color fabric (plus its past and a possibility of using it)

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