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Cam Larios @sculpin

@phooky It's hard! I should carry a warning tattoo: BORN TO GROUCH

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Aw, Trial Cat -- but third random biting on Sunday and I ran out of chill. That guy has to go.

Trial Cat is a blast but not a good fit for us. That's a cat who should buddy up with a kitty pal who'll go for bitin' and rasslin'. But oh can that cat pour on a load of charm. I'm torn.

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along this road
in warm socks
a snail

@ojahnn How _do_ you do that, anyway?

And I did win -- for now. Soon that cat will know that I don't always win.

@ranjit Looking stylish and dashing in his coat and haircut!

Goal for today: out-stubborn a cat. "I'm not going to fight you," I told him as that cat fought to squirm into an off-limits room, "I'm just going to win."

I think Trial Cat is trying to hack his way into our ductwork. It's a good thing this cat can't work a crowbar.

Truth is, I'm fond of this rascally cat. (And just look at all that junk I'm rid of now!) But Chuck Atlas would lack a rasslin' buddy, and that is not a cat built for solitary-cat living.

Trial Cat, unusually still for a jiffy. (Gaining back his vigor for an upcoming bout of wild romping, no doubt.) This guy is a Chuck Atlas of cats: robust, muscular, totally built.

@ranjit Possibly! Among things that don't bring him joy: a soap dish, miraculously still intact; blinds, torn apart now. Such blinds fail to bring us joy too, so no big loss, but.... only 18 hours in! Cat! Caaaaaat.

I'd say that Josh and I will own not so much stuff by Monday. Chaos cat, criminitly.

On a trial run of a cat. I do not think this is going to work. This cat's a handful and a half.