Josh brought back a box of pastry from a local Salvadoran pastry spot. Now my stomach's aching a bit. An odd and mystifying conjunction.

Now that I can run it again, I'm playing that AR thing with li'l varmints such as Pikachu and Bulbasaur. My training ID is 0089 2822 1051.

@rjl20 It's living now:

Its automatic posts stay off-listing, so I think folks must follow it to join in?

My thought was that folks would just post back to this bot's toots, and you could watch for proposals. Is that a fruitful workflow for you? It's only a rough draft right now, so any critical analysis is good!

My goth iris plant is about to bloom, a first. I'm rarin' to find out if its bloom is truly as black as our local iris guy touts.

Our cat Hank, for his part, is assiduously trying to charm Josh into doing it for him. Who will win? (I will win.)

Josh got a kitty busy board off our local Buy Nothing group and is assiduously trying to talk our cat through it.

Oulipals who cook, what should I do with a big bag of quinoa? (What I was thinking at Costco, I do not know...)

slightly icky cat orthodontia status Show additional

yard status: pulling out quackgrass and morning glory all day. "All day" is short if I'm pulling noxious plants.

My walking onions (hi @kit) did walk right out of a built-up planting plot. Walking onions: cool but naturally untidy.

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday darling Oulipo,
happy birthday to you!

It's Josh's birthday today (yay @rjl20! 🎉 ) so a half-ton of fatty all-night bistro chow was had. Oof, no budging from this spot now.

Our cat insists on doing a thing I can only call "swarming". If you sit down, that cat will launch into your lap and swarm right up to your collar. But how can a cat swarm solo?

This post brought to you by Josh shouting, "No! No no no no! No swarming!" Hah. Good luck. (Cat: "Mrowr?")

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