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Cam Larios @sculpin

If you ran "top" on my brain, about 90% of its work would show as "thinking about cats"

Hard, sad day. Josh and I did what was right by our cat.

It's so still and vacant without him.

Now I'm #birthdayroyalty. How will I whoop it up? An additional cup of #thatbrownstuff is a start.

Did I luck out or what -- having dug up half our parking strip, I was all out of go. Josh took on broadfork obligations, and in his half found two colossal lumps of rock, almost as big as ottomans. Good sitting rocks. Glad I didn't try to dig such big rocks up.

In my mind, this was going to work out as a day of vigorous but invigorating broadforking. No. Try four days of jumping up and down on a broadfork and trying not to fall off. Stupid clay soil.

Got a broadfork from our local tool library. It's absurdly stout, with four long, sharp sword-claws for digging. My findings: carry that burly spiky thing on foot back to SculpinHaus, all cars opt for utmost civility at crosswalks.

@ranjit I'm having a cup of Assam right now.

@nv Not so much as a sixth of what it was - thanks!

@ranjit @cm @nv I ply an Air-Squish Thingy too. Squishing it is a satisfying start to my day.

@ojahnn a miss is as good as an astronomical unit

I go out to work in our yard and ZAP, right away a wasp crawls down my shirt-back and stings. Nnnggghhhh, ow. I'm thinking, "Why didn't I just stay lazy today?"

Cam Larios boosts

Cowboy, arriving in town, spots a marshal fixing to hang a man. Asks a guy: "who's that about to hang?"
"That's Brown Bag Bob up on that scaffold."
"Brown Bag Bob? As in bags you carry your provisions in?"
"A-yup, his shirt is cut from brown bags, his coat and pants too- and his hat and socks and cravat! All brown bags!"
"What's Bob hanging for?"

Two pals, Ian and Katy, did pop in at our pad, which from now on I may call a Circulating Library of Cacophony. Ian is writing an album; I brought out a bunch of musical gizmos for him to borrow, including an mbira, a giant low banjo, a mandolin, and an absurd old violin-ish contraption built from plumbing parts. And Katy has found musical bliss in a goofy singing toy from Japan:

@ranjit @nv Such a good-looking floof-pup!

Okay, not all that sorry -- that's a dog who's happy just as it is. But what a grand dog that was. Paws as big as salad bowls.

Still working to build an oasis around my habitation. On Friday, Josh and I took a boat to a farm run by Nils Sundquist, who grows unusual plants. I bought a load of "fairy wings" and lots of hostas and frondy things. Plus I got to pat a big farm dog known as "Mr. Galumph". I'm sorry I couldn't pack him too -- instant pals.