Hurt my dumb hand doing a dumb thing and now I'm not typing so much for a bit. Back soon!


What I was trying to say: "shampoo"
What I was coming up with: "hair syrup"

Noshing on crunchy, salty mushroom snacks and thinking about chitin.

A solitary good thing about it: Josh was around and had had to lock our front door, so I got to do a Dramatic Soggy Porch Knock

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"Oh hooray, It's not raining now. Good opportunity for a short walk," I said foolishly. Four blocks out and I was a soggy rat.

Xmas was okay, good in fact, but going back to normality (should that occur, ai yi) will gratify.

First Christmas without my mom and okay, I did it. Did that thing. Yup. So that's a thing down. 2020, hurry up, svp.

Sorry to all within sniffin' radius for a day or two.

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My last bulb of garlic was not at all strong. This bulb... looks as if I'm making garlic soup now. Whoops.

Hank is all unknowing about salami as a snack and it can stay that way

Hank, who thinks "Kitty No" is just what Josh and I call him, has found a way up to Josh's laundry-box. Now it's Hank's laundry. Hank's not having any part of this "sharing" or "moving" I talk of.

Coming up for air. That was a tough month.

last night
a hazy vision:
you and I had
words, Cyprian

Birthday month for this libra. 🎂 Happy birthday (and almost-birthday) to my libra and scorpio oulipals.

Joining our oulipo soup party by making tortilla soup.

It's a glorious day in a small town and I am an obnoxious honk-flap bird. HONK

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