I'm sorry that I know as much as I do about birdspot and its cinnamon toast crunch shrimp guy.

20 this book is too good for stopping (a paladin and a nun got romantic angst and a mission -- I said good, not high-class, okay?) so I'm phoning it in. 🆓

18 groundwork 2. Will that solarization goo work with cotton floss? (Dunno, but I think probably.) Do I wish I had a good optical Rx? (Yup.)


Cyanotyping solution still works okay. This is not how I thought that mask's opacity would turn out.


If I saw @ranjit's dog right now, I would say, "Aw, you small shaggy sugar lump you!" ("Harrumph," says dog.)

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13 - I was missing a particular kind of small, shaggy, rustic sugar lump from our local Turkish shop, so I took a whack at making it.

12, a traditional construction using a compass and a tool for making straight marks

10: cutting and folding

a straightforward cut/fold cubical popup plus a bonus trial popup that I took a shot at

5: mini formal knot botanical oasis of alfalfa and radish sprouts

fav bad spousal trick: standing just out of cam shot and dancing crazily as Josh is playing in a Zoom jam.

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