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Cam Larios

A sound in our backyard: "vrrrrrooom, vrrrrrooom." I look up: rufous hummingbird!

Hardly a bird in sight. What's up with y'all, birds?

Going out for a walk. Will look for birds.

Don't know much about history
Don't know much biology

I'm working up an artist application, and nothing's as good as that to prod this oulipian into doing anything but that. I'm whipping through long-put-off tasks. Gotta do that filing, yup!

I may laugh at old quips about folks saving "string too short not to throw out", but pals, I am marking a box "practical info-cords" (USB-C and so on) to distinguish it from all my impractical info-cords.

It's Spring! It's actually Spring! In my town, anyway. (A bit of survivor guilt pops up as I think about April snows in NYC.)

As long as I'm around and upon ground, this won't grow old: happy loping dogs pulling kids on spin-boards. Uphill, downhill, for half an hour, a kid and his galloping dog whizzing by.

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@sculpin dozy Sunday
got up way past solar noon
call big P just to know what is doin'
who dis? what up, Parns?
yo Sammy, what's crackin'?
you thinking what I'm thinking?
OULIPO! man, it's lipogrammin'

Dozy Sunday. Josh is brushing our cat Hank, and I'm watching Hank's ocular orbs rolling up in his fuzzy noggin. Hank's blissing out hard.

For April Fool's Day, our cat Hank got stuck in our bathroom this morning, allowing us to catch an unusual amount of zzz's. Thanks, Hank!

Took a trip to Haus of Discöunt Flät-Paäck Stüff today and found just what I had in mind for organizing. Alas, what I had in mind was a display unit for that shop's goods, turns out. I struck out. But I did savor walking around and saying "Örtofta!" and "Smörboll!"

Thanks to @rjl20 for bringing back from Bit Rot City. That didn't look straightforward. (My occasional sad sighs paid off, huh?)

In my month away from Oulipo, I did finish my first scrap of cloth on my loom. It's ugly as sin, I gotta say, and now I know a lot that I didn't know on starting it. My plan: turn into a scarf factory for pals. "Hi, buddy! This scarf may suck but it is a sucky way to say that I am truly fond of you!"

Hi, oulipals! How was your month?

Still around: a minor bug or two. Did your notifications show up?

Thinking about soaking a silk chiffon scarf in liquid pig hoof for this thing I'm doing, if that's what I gotta do. Chiffon, y'all. Chiffon is stupid hard to work with.