I would photograph my potato crop for you all but I am worn out from potato digging. Also filthy.

That big goat-toting van is back and I'm curious about today's possibility for goat drama. It's not as if that totally-not-goatproof paling was built up at all last night.

My pals had conniptions. So many goats! What to do?! Goats scoff at us! But a guy was walking down our hill to his construction job and said, "You haf difficulty. I grow up on farm. I know what to do." That guy, a totally random and fortuitous goat knowing guy, found a switch, caught up with Boss Goat, and quickly got that full goat pack back.

My hood had _goat drama_ today. A pack of goats was in a backyard to nosh on brambly plants, and all goats got out and had an outing.

Thinking about making biscuits today or tomorrow.

I found it. This is a link to that instant I'm talking about. From "Synth Britannia", a BBC program I saw 5 or 6 months ago: youtube.com/watch?v=TK1P93r9xe. In my mind this taps into an obvious association with digital (or analog) music and rational, minimalist, industrial and graphic work (mostly Swiss). Good traditions to draw from... but analog film has particular associations now, but not always pointing a forward-thinking way, politically.

Josh was out lifting and placing rocks all day. Now that man is so adroit at -- and fastidious about -- this rock wall thing that I'm a tad anxious about trying my hand at it.

J: "I just don't want it to fall down."
C: "What about 'gloriously low standards', though?"

I found a truly amazing raccoon-proof, but this margin is too small to contain it

Gilt stairs pallid with frost,
Morning so far flown that frost soaks my stockings,
I unbind a crystal curtain
And moon-watch through an uncloudy autumn.

Ou Li Po

This MIT Python MOOC guy has such a twinkly, kind way about him that I'm all cozy and avid to program.

I should go out and lift rocks, tons of rocks, again and again. Or I could stay in with a book. Hm. Gosh. What a quandary.

cat status: dozy. His tiny lungs don't function without flaw anyway, and this is no good for him. Poor fuzzy guy. All of us look forward to unsmoky air soon.

I know my tomato plants only got hit with ash, not a radiation storm, and radioactivity is not a complication for my lunch. But this sooty smog brings Fallout to mind again and again.

Oingo Boingo - Stay
Soul Coughing - Moon Sammy
R. Carlos Nakai - Crow Canyon
William Orbit - Riding to Rio
Pink Martini - U Plavu Zoru
Paris Combo - Living-Room
Alison Krauss and Union Station - I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
Taylor Swift - I Wish You Would

It was so smoky last night that our moonlight was bloody-looking. This can stop now.

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