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Cam Larios @sculpin

@ojahnn It sounds as if it's hoary old MIT nurd slang -- a similar flavor. (c.f. Plausibly colloquial but not my colloquialism.

I'm burning out on BirdThing. (What to call it at

@ojahnn Actual fact, right down to wording.

@ojahnn I know a guy who was on an MA/PhD track in anthropology but burnout hit him hard. Last straw for him was that his guiding prof told him to swap in "ichthyofauna" for fish.

omigosh what a good four days away from almost all things. And I got to link up with @ranjit !

Making plans for indigo fabrics with an algorithmic twist. It might wind up looking dumb, but who knows?

@ojahnn Gladly! No rain at my digs for a good two months, I think, and I'm drying out.

It's blow-torch hot and our sky is brown with foggy soot -- WA is not at its most pulchritudinous right now.

@mus Lord Byron smackdown and all. I'm Toast-nostalgic.

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It's all part of a grand plan to construct a spot in which I can do a bit of arty work.

My morning: stacking up a cord of wood for burning. Will I actually burn it? Who knows? Point is, I'm rich in wood now. So satisfying. #banalipo

@ranjit I'm not so awfully far from Pilchuck!

quality of is not
it as rain from
upon It is
it him that and him that
't is in it
monarch than his crown

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@sculpin sushi bazooka! shumai cannon! ground-to-air chirashi! fish tank!

Today I found out that a "sushi bazooka" is a thing. Sushi bazooka. I just... sushi bazooka.

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Two roads go two ways in this autumn wood
And sorry I can't walk both ways
Without splitting into two
As in that transport mishap
That put two Captain Kirks on his starship
Or should I say two Captains Kirk
Was that a good twin and a bad twin?
Or was that not a thing?
Didn't that bad twin show up with bad facial hair?
And Spock had to pick which was his Kirk
And that brought about all today's distinctions.

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Looky - Justin put up info about our archimusical installation in Danmark!