last night
a hazy vision:
you and I had
words, Cyprian

Birthday month for this libra. 🎂 Happy birthday (and almost-birthday) to my libra and scorpio oulipals.

Joining our oulipo soup party by making tortilla soup.

It's a glorious day in a small town and I am an obnoxious honk-flap bird. HONK

Bought an automatic car. Driving instruction to follow. OH NO.

Sick and on a food program of liquids and tiny portions of small bland grains and mushy fruit. Big sarcastic "yay fun".

I... I don't think that un-caf chai was all that uncaf. *buzzzzzz*

I thought I'd go for a good invigorating walk but putting on socks is as much as I'm going to do.

Still kinda punchy from stringband camp. WHOOO.

Back from stringband camp. Should I buy a musical saw? I should, right? (Any saw can pass as a musical saw if your standard of "musical" is suitably low.)

Slow Sunday flipping through a book and trying out Tapatio tortilla chips. (Conclusion: good junk food.)

A 45 is basically a Costco pizza tomato glop automaton but for songs, right?

My main is going away, so Oulipo is main (for now, anyway). Glad that "I'm back on my bullshit" is oulipo-compliant.

Josh and I took a look at a word history of "grognard" and omg it has origins from way back:

Days start coming and don't stop coming--
And Custom wolfs Us down --
Our Running starts upon our Birth--
It's Rational to Clown.

A List Of Hugo Victors, 1/4


A Torn-Down Man
Folks'd Fain Know Accuracy
Two Stars
A Big Duration
An Occasion Of Morals


Starship Troops
A Hymn For Saint L.
Martian In An Unusual Land
A Man In A High Fort
Way Station
That Sojourning Guy
This Immortal
Yon Moon Is A Harsh Madam
Lord Of Light
Stand On Zanzibar

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0