Sorry to all within sniffin' radius for a day or two.

My last bulb of garlic was not at all strong. This bulb... looks as if I'm making garlic soup now. Whoops.

Hank is all unknowing about salami as a snack and it can stay that way

Hank, who thinks "Kitty No" is just what Josh and I call him, has found a way up to Josh's laundry-box. Now it's Hank's laundry. Hank's not having any part of this "sharing" or "moving" I talk of.

Coming up for air. That was a tough month.

last night
a hazy vision:
you and I had
words, Cyprian

Birthday month for this libra. 🎂 Happy birthday (and almost-birthday) to my libra and scorpio oulipals.

Joining our oulipo soup party by making tortilla soup.

It's a glorious day in a small town and I am an obnoxious honk-flap bird. HONK

Bought an automatic car. Driving instruction to follow. OH NO.

Sick and on a food program of liquids and tiny portions of small bland grains and mushy fruit. Big sarcastic "yay fun".

I... I don't think that un-caf chai was all that uncaf. *buzzzzzz*

I thought I'd go for a good invigorating walk but putting on socks is as much as I'm going to do.

Still kinda punchy from stringband camp. WHOOO.

Back from stringband camp. Should I buy a musical saw? I should, right? (Any saw can pass as a musical saw if your standard of "musical" is suitably low.)

Slow Sunday flipping through a book and trying out Tapatio tortilla chips. (Conclusion: good junk food.)

A 45 is basically a Costco pizza tomato glop automaton but for songs, right?

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