putting a pinion in my cap and calling it macaroni


It's aIl just a lot is what it is. I'm just sayin'.

Starting to think about making plans for 2021, though I know oh so thoroughly by now that "Man touts, God routs"

911: Squash Patrol is a tv show I would watch.

A v. minor thrill: an acorn squash is coming to our porch soon. What to do?

Dying Mum Flora

dying mum flora.
dim? no, my frugal
mind -- glum foray
from a ugly mind.

mainly dug from
my loud gin farm --
languid from my
mild young farm --
my loud farming
forming my dual.

long Friday mum,
road-flying mum,
dragonfly mum, I
glorify mum and
find mum a glory.

my mad furlong! I
grimly am found,
languid from my
mouldy gin farm,
laying from mud,
in my glad forum.

dingy mum flora
dying from maul --
find a glory, mum,
gray old mum.

It's so dang good, though. So many small things got right.

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My binging on playing that "Ring Fit" Switch thing was sorta kinda virtuous, but not brilliant.

M. Hazan's pasta frittata

1/2 pound thin pasta
3 T milkfat
1/3 cup Parm
3 chook ovums
a big pinch of flavorful li'l plants
a bit of salt and its usual spicy pal

Cook pasta and toss it with all that stuff but for 1 T of milkfat. Oil up a hot pan with that T and cook your mix for 3-4 min. Tilt your pan, hold for a min, and start rotating it. It should form a gold bottom crust; at that point, broil it for just a bit of color.

Thanks for good birthday vibrations, y'all! It was a good day.

What I did want to say, if only I could find such words in my word-hoard: that's annoying

What I said: that irks my gizzards

It's too damn hot and I want to shout at this August sky, "This is NOT how to do this!"

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