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Cam Larios

Took a trip to Goatalympics 2018, Washington's top goat sporting occasion. Goats: hairy incarnations of "No Thanks, I Don't Want To."

Wow I do not know a first thing about building a dry-stack wall. Woops.

And so it starts. So many rocks to stack!

cat song:

yo yo yo
cat cat no
munching plants is not for cats
no no no

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Today's impromptu art installation is "Things I took away from our cat at four o'clock this morning".

I bought almost six tons of rocks for making walls in my yard. Oh boy. My work is cut out.

Took my first walk in almost a fortnight. (I'd hurt my foot but it's all good now.) Birds, blooms, clouds, that post-rain spring air that's almost sparkling. Ahhhh.

Caught sight of this on four occasions in two days: a robin with its mouth full of dry grass and muddy plant-stuff. You do you, bird, but that's running a bit tardy. Or is it tidying up its bird-lair for an additional clutch?

Bug sighting: first swallowtail of 2018

cat status: blocking our door at night was only a minor complication for a 14-pound cat who can work doorknobs. Hank got in with nary a hitch in his plans.

As of 5 a.m. this morning, our cat knows how to work a doorknob.

No man is an island, of;
man is a of,
a part of main.
If a clod away by,
as as if a promontory,
as as if a manor of thy
or of own.
Any man’s,
I am in mankind;
and to know
for whom tolls;
it tolls for

My burns at both;
It will not last night;
But ah, my, and oh, my,
It a light!

Cam Larios boosts

Pardon my disruption, boy
Is that that Gastropoda choo-choo?
Track thirty-two
Pal, could you polish my boot?
I can afford
To board a Gastropoda choo choo
I'll pay with a slug
And walk away with a shrug

You part that 34th St. Station with a bit still to six
Look at Mastodon 'til you's in Annapolis
Supping in that food car
Mucus in that soup bar
Munchin' as a snail-king down in Carolinar

I pity anybody following this account who's not on Oulipo. "You do train songs? With snails? Okay..."

Oh that rock island snail
It is a mighty good road
That rock island snail
That is a snail to board
That rock island snail
It is a mighty good road
You want to board it, gotta board it as you find it, gotta show up at a station for that rock island snail

This snail is bound for glory, this snail
This snail is bound for glory, this snail
This snail is bound for glory,
Anybody riding is godly and holy
This snail is bound for glory, this snail

All aboard, all aboard
This holy snail

Noshing on a burrito so sopping that it's basically that famously ridiculous thing, a "soup sandwich". Good, though.