cat status: climbing into his carrybox and looking at us as if to say, "Now you and I will go to cool accommodations, right?" Sorry, li'l buddy. Not so much.

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Buckling down for a hot four days soon. Josh has to conduct a fiddlin' jam on Zoom on Saturday and is talking about standing in a tub of H20 for all of it.

Finally put birdspot dot com into a blocking add-on and am aghast at how much I'm automatically typing it in anyway

Making "do it now" my motto for this month, but not making a hummus photo bot just now

Found a baby junco haus in a spot in which I was going to grow arugula. Looks as if I'm growing juncos now.

A Cam, a plan, arugula: juncos

Highly Dramatic Aunt, that's my upcoming fashion status

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In a month, my vaccination situation will stand at 100% and I'm thinking about what to do now in 2021. Particularly I'm thinking, "Pants?! Hard pants with hard waistbands? Pfah. What if caftans, only caftans, wafting around langorously in caftans from now on?"

I'm sorry that I know as much as I do about birdspot and its cinnamon toast crunch shrimp guy.

20 this book is too good for stopping (a paladin and a nun got romantic angst and a mission -- I said good, not high-class, okay?) so I'm phoning it in. 🆓

18 groundwork 2. Will that solarization goo work with cotton floss? (Dunno, but I think probably.) Do I wish I had a good optical Rx? (Yup.)


Cyanotyping solution still works okay. This is not how I thought that mask's opacity would turn out.

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