I... I don't think that un-caf chai was all that uncaf. *buzzzzzz*

I thought I'd go for a good invigorating walk but putting on socks is as much as I'm going to do.

Still kinda punchy from stringband camp. WHOOO.

Back from stringband camp. Should I buy a musical saw? I should, right? (Any saw can pass as a musical saw if your standard of "musical" is suitably low.)

Slow Sunday flipping through a book and trying out Tapatio tortilla chips. (Conclusion: good junk food.)

A 45 is basically a Costco pizza tomato glop automaton but for songs, right? youtube.com/watch?v=8Q0vk_fKDE

My main is going away, so Oulipo is main (for now, anyway). Glad that "I'm back on my bullshit" is oulipo-compliant.

Josh and I took a look at a word history of "grognard" and omg it has origins from way back: en.wiktionary.org/wiki/grognar

Days start coming and don't stop coming--
And Custom wolfs Us down --
Our Running starts upon our Birth--
It's Rational to Clown.

A List Of Hugo Victors, 1/4


A Torn-Down Man
Folks'd Fain Know Accuracy
Two Stars
A Big Duration
An Occasion Of Morals


Starship Troops
A Hymn For Saint L.
Martian In An Unusual Land
A Man In A High Fort
Way Station
That Sojourning Guy
This Immortal
Yon Moon Is A Harsh Madam
Lord Of Light
Stand On Zanzibar

Now that rabbits inhabit our 'hood, a significant chunk of my pixroll consists of bunny portraits.

A day may finally occur in which I know how to wash a dish or two without looking as if I'd thrown a sink's worth of suds onto my shirt, but today is not that day.

My plan for today was to work hard on our front yard. Now my plan is to sit on this good couch. Stinging wasps stay out and I stay in. Bugs bonk into our front window and I'm all, "HAH! Too bad for you, jackass bugs."

OW OW OW dug right into a ground wasp situation OW

A tip: don't do that.

Josh brought back a box of pastry from a local Salvadoran pastry spot. Now my stomach's aching a bit. An odd and mystifying conjunction.

Now that I can run it again, I'm playing that AR thing with li'l varmints such as Pikachu and Bulbasaur. My training ID is 0089 2822 1051.

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