Commotion in our food room! Our cat is fighting Josh for scraps of garnish that did fall on our food-room floor. "What? No! Cats don't want that!" Oh, but this cat has opinions of his own.

bat status: I saw a bat flapping around tonight, chomping bugs. A bat is a good pal.

Josh did audaciously drag that trash can full of wasp colony out of our way. A daring man, Josh is.

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Noping out on today's yardwork on account of angry wasps. Noping out until January, possibly. Nuh-uh.

Cam: Okay, wasps, this yard is yours now
Wasps: bzzzzzz damn right bzzzzzz

Is it that garlic can fix anything? Hard to say. Is it that CHILI garlic can fix anything? At this point, signs point to yup.

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cooking up any old stuff in our coldbox and probing limits of "garlic can fix anything"

I miss my annual stringband camping fair. Hoping hard for 2022.

cat status: climbing into his carrybox and looking at us as if to say, "Now you and I will go to cool accommodations, right?" Sorry, li'l buddy. Not so much.

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Buckling down for a hot four days soon. Josh has to conduct a fiddlin' jam on Zoom on Saturday and is talking about standing in a tub of H20 for all of it.

Finally put birdspot dot com into a blocking add-on and am aghast at how much I'm automatically typing it in anyway

Making "do it now" my motto for this month, but not making a hummus photo bot just now

Found a baby junco haus in a spot in which I was going to grow arugula. Looks as if I'm growing juncos now.

A Cam, a plan, arugula: juncos

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