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Cam Larios @sculpin

Thinking about making a baby sling for my cat. Sounds nuts, but that cat would dig it.

@mlc @nv Hard to say. I am willing to find out first-hand.

@ranjit Oh, fab! Now I got TWO baba ghanoush songs.

I gotta obtain a tub of baba ghanoush so I can sing my baba ghanoush songs right.

Stupid stuff I'm stupidly happy about: I got a baba ghanoush song. Its lyrics: "Baba ghanoush, baba ghanoush, baba ghanoush," naturally.

"Baba ghanoush" is fun to say, a bunch of sounds that's bouncy and squishy.

@ojahnn @phooky Although "that's not what your mom said last night" is oulipo-compliant.

@nv Wow! What was up? Baby blackbirds too much at hand?

@ojahnn Congratulations!

I'm always agog at how spinach can start as a giant, lush armload of triffid and wind up as a small, limp, unassuming lump.

Trying out my brand-spankin' just-got-it mop. (So fancy!) Will it bring to pass a habit of washing floors? Signs point to no. But just not so *much* filth is a good start.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to @ranjit
Happy birthday to you!

@nv but if I watch politics today, that's all I will do. Criminitly, so much information.

@riddl Ai yi yi, that sounds scary, but a lot of folks say good things about it. Good luck!

Cam Larios boosts

@sculpin and for hacking folk, rooting is about going *in*.

"Rooting" is a funny word. Plants root to put roots down, and pigs root to dig roots up.

Working in my yard all day, I look as if I'd dug it all up with my own snout.

Waiting for bad tidings and crossing my digits.