M. Hazan's pasta frittata

1/2 pound thin pasta
3 T milkfat
1/3 cup Parm
3 chook ovums
a big pinch of flavorful li'l plants
a bit of salt and its usual spicy pal

Cook pasta and toss it with all that stuff but for 1 T of milkfat. Oil up a hot pan with that T and cook your mix for 3-4 min. Tilt your pan, hold for a min, and start rotating it. It should form a gold bottom crust; at that point, broil it for just a bit of color.

Thanks for good birthday vibrations, y'all! It was a good day.

What I did want to say, if only I could find such words in my word-hoard: that's annoying

What I said: that irks my gizzards

It's too damn hot and I want to shout at this August sky, "This is NOT how to do this!"

That cat has nary a tooth, so it's as if a hardback book is attacking, gnom gnom gnom. But at 6:30 am, that's still...

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Not so much into our cat's morning alarm-clock trick of gnawing my brow.

cat status: blaming humans for Too Hot but also too sluggish to go swiping at anybody. Thinking about it though.

Our four young chooks took a transitional trip to our chook-coop for today. Much satisfaction was had by our small chooks, all scratching dirt and chasing bugs. Aww, growing up so fast.

A purposing is a purposing is a purposing

playing at making blipbloop sounds with BigSmash synth programming lang.

Agh, wow, it's so good. (That's my birdworld bot that this composing community is working from!) Don't miss that musical gizmo by @ranjit!


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Oulipo.social (Mark II)

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