Josh and I now got baby chick pals that inhabit a warm cozy cardboard box in my study. Photos soon!

cat status: gobbling up a dust bunny. I'm just... why ask why.

Nostalgic about jumping arachnids in my past

Today I got a backyard visit from a rufous hummingbird pal. I say "pal" but I think that bird probably thinks my yard is his yard and I should buzz off. Such an officious li'l guy, but so good-looking.

I was gouging out hardpan with a pickax and now I groan if I do anything. Anything. Just now, grabbing a handful of popcorn: "Oooaaarrrgghhhfff." Wholly involuntary.

Window outlook: boy walking up our block vigorously playing air guitar. Go for it, kid.

Hurt my dumb hand doing a dumb thing and now I'm not typing so much for a bit. Back soon!


What I was trying to say: "shampoo"
What I was coming up with: "hair syrup"

Noshing on crunchy, salty mushroom snacks and thinking about chitin.

A solitary good thing about it: Josh was around and had had to lock our front door, so I got to do a Dramatic Soggy Porch Knock

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"Oh hooray, It's not raining now. Good opportunity for a short walk," I said foolishly. Four blocks out and I was a soggy rat.

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