sorry but i just want a 1ch, so goodby to this and hallo to @s

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@a @d @G @h @J @k @n @p @q @r @v @w @X us lucky >1-glyph alias folks got tags to sign up with, should i go with @s?

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ways to say a toot IRL:
post to Swiss Post
hack Trump's twittr account and post
hack @mus' mastodon and post
pay guys for a carving of that toot in gold and wood


waiting for AT&T to pass bills for living into law

$1/min of living
$5/nanohour of living
$2500/day of living

from tham pals who told AT&T to bill ppl $1 for a gulp of H20

oulipo a day

OGML (onlin group of math lists) is cool if you want to find good lists: A006933 ( sticks to our oulipian spirit

two thousand is first oulipo-good num: is a list of 10,000 nums similar to that

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