i'm playing ducktails and making scroog do a pogo stick with his stick

gaming company must program MOAR SCA playthings (and buy it now, you dicks)

SCA in cards:
i play black hol card, i tap it for 1 mana so i can play a drunk sailor. 'cuz drunk sailor's agility stat's goin' up with alcohol, i can flip drunk sailor's vodka to do a basic attack and summon drunk captain. drunk captain can kill drunk sailor and vomit, thus i obtain 14 vomit counts and do a donation to studying vomit thus obtaining 13 dollars with which i can buy a sword and thus drunk captain can obtain this sword for 52 attack, and rpt until i obtain 10# and yo lost.

and that's all diatribing of hardcor christians i could go on handling...

part L: no, i ain't from a chimp. i'm from a kinda-man kinda-chimp organism.

part K: actually... microdarwinmaking and macrodarwinmaking only got distinguishing by duration. also: CHIMPS AND GORILLAS DIDN'T GO INTO HUMANS! DARWIN'S THINKING POSITS CHIMPS AND GORILLAS GO WITH HUMANS AS COUSINS.

part J: first, abiomaking isn't making-at-an-instant, it was a gradual thing. also, it's ABIOMAKING's job to say how living stuff got going! NOT DARWIN'S THINKING! also no.

part H: just 'cos nobody saw it ain't logic to bury its living. vision of anything is this world's worst way of affidavit for anything. plus, ppl know how stars form.

part G: growth from Hy to mor high worldbits did occur. (also DARWIN'S THINKING SAYS NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING THAT ISN'T BIO-NONMONOTONY! GRRR!) also, tho you don't go past iron, you can go down many paths that go to many worldbits, through stars having this kind of growth. PLUS, it did occur in war atrocity.

part F: first: darwin's thinking has no saying of ANYTHING about this world's formation or big bang. 2a: also, lithium wasn't in this non-darwin man's list of stuff big bang got to making. 2b: you'd find a truly surprising info pack: with'ring through radioactivity got us a lot of worldbits, and mor than that, artificial worldbits that ain't in this world!

part D: big bang has no obligation to say anything of this world's origin, only about its growth. (i hold that god did go to making this world, but also hold worldthinking)

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