Toot with a pin

if i unfollow you on it's not alarming! i'm just focusing on oulipo-only. i am always down to chat on this instantiation & i probably follow you from my alt account on (@starlit)

tiny icy rocks, from sky to us. in a gust of wind

it's winds-day

it looks as if it's going to blow all shrubs & plants away

β€œtypical folk in uk owns 0.0015 swans” factoid actualy just statistical oopsy-woopsy. typical folk in uk owns 0 swans. Swans Lizzy, who livs in forty palatial spots and owns 100% of uk's swans, is an anomaly adn should not count

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i also did my first opus magnum bits! stars aligning oddly for this kind of brain puzzling. not my usual craving.

(yah i did finish his "spiral" anthology last night prior to napping, why do you ask)

"what was was, was was"

-a tautology i am finding much of good in. via my sibling

upgrading to "bionic" on my day off ... this is how i calm down & chill out

amazingly, today is day #4 & youknow what that says about tomorrow.

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folks always asking if it's ok to fuck our snowman. bottoms up, buddy!

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