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*industrious polishing blackboard sounds*

@starlit @ojahnn an oulipo complaint band would rock though

Classic songs such as β€œCan’t Say What’s On My Mind”, β€œU Ain’t What I’m Lookin’ For”, and β€œDtoF But Not What You Think”

*slaps top of whal* this bad boy can fit so much ahab foot in it

if you can't oulipo just choosing random words that may or may not fit but add that word anyway & your thoughts now can go across a narrow thought bandwidth of conscious communications.

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half human, half cat, all wild

my dwarf fort found its finish with a half-cat, which could pass its wild & unruly contagion to my industrious dwarffolk. RIP dwarf fort

a snail
inch by inch, climb

is there an oulipo word for folks who post that symbol ?

what is this binary. is dog sitting orthogonally across from cat? is a thought of a "worm" opposing to a thought of a "fish"? in this manuscript i shall

to suck. Fill it up with wind. Mrs

going to start callingγ€Œε°‘ε₯³ι©ε‘½γ‚¦γƒ†γƒŠγ€"swords n' sapphos"

nobody in this illustration is having a good day