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if i unfollow you on it's not alarming! i'm just focusing on oulipo-only. i am always down to chat on this instantiation & i probably follow you from my alt account on (@starlit)

Our rabbi taught us a variant of "sh'ma" in ASL today; this is a similar translation:
(That's not our rabbi, btw)

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hard physical boundary of this simulation must approach a form similar to a 3d box (about 120x53x30 yards) not a flat 2d box. so our ragdolls can stack.

hmmm a football simulation with just 100s of ragdolls & 100s of ovumballs bouncing quickly, & possibly a pom-pom waving woman or two. add a judging official & random announcing audio or a jug of gator aid

but why do i want to do this? probably just to show that our IRL world of sports is not so wild & broad; that a crappy simulation program could bring about a similar product. idk that's dismissing a broad world that's living as is.

want to build a world-making program similar to dwarf fort that knows how to do sports group naming & play-by-plays & can bring about myths & commit a story by carving it in hard masonry in this fictional world.

if i watch lots of tv football i will fully absorb how to play this sport. i just know it.

watching pigskin football again. folks always asking if it's ok to sniff that gross rag hanging off ball catching guys. bΓΌddy,

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