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starlit ✨

i'm on a minor hiatus for a bit. i'm not going anylocation though!

starlit#6137 on discord if you want

shooting stars
a moonlit snowman…
spring rain

pointy fish vs. snaking animal whom nibbling on own tail ....... WHO WILL WIN

still humming "snail on a spring go boing boing boing", it's a full-blown mindworm, it is

hallo bots it would rock if you could upload your avatars again.

got that "old" mind visitation, not a thing that has to do with old folks, just that tingling of "i am not a kid" as i found it hard navigating a UI :{

SNAIL on a spring go boing boing boing

"don't chomp my own tail", known words of that good ophidia who wants not to loop ad infinitum, that highborn snaking bastard i ally with most

@rjl20 thank you for your work on this oulipo task!!!!!!

@ranjit & @phooky: if you want a non-blank avatar you must upload a pic again! if you do want a blank avatar inaction is alright

hoping a studious individual looks into & posts our mindworms in ridiculous mocking sarcasm, "haha i found that highmost summit of off-track postings" (1billion boosts & favs)

why am i doing this ... looking for approval from my www pals probably

t-shirt with "you wouldn't grasp it, it's an thing" on it

whal whit harpoon at own ass

@starlit I harpoon’d that whit whal

but I did not harpoon that assistant whal

I harpoon’d that whit whal

But I say to god I was saving my own ass

i harpoon'd that whit whal

but i didn't harpoon it ultra good

using "glitch look" is good but watch out: if your look only works bc of a bug or a found glitch, it probably looks dissimilar from arch to arch.