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watching a faux "ai" play through a tough horror toy for playstation is much fun. this sound actor from nihon has many adoring phrasings, mostly during jump shocks. a vital & important addition to "LP" vids.

@ranjit @ojahnn @phooky a mind snack ... ..... 1/4 cup of liquid sugar right through my blood-brain guard

@mlc so kind of you. thank you for this vital ouliplugin.

@ojahnn @ranjit @phooky o i got it now ... [good job human mind! a snack for you!]

@ranjit @phooky @ojahnn dannnggggg now i hafta jump backwards to find that phrasing in a wordlist :/

@ranjit @kit i was gonna ask if i can mod or hack a parsnip. root control is fairly good for my plans

@ojahnn in my location winds start picking up, a big rain is going to fall post-noon, 'tis said. sad about your colloquium. :(

digging idly around @kit's farm i pull up a mound of cash. tut tut, fair kit! how do you think it can grow into a dollar bush, if it's in tight plastic wrapping?

@ranjit @phooky @ojahnn *frowning at this toot for hours, scratching my crown & squinting*

"a handful of bucks" is among my fav clint northwood films.

@ojahnn (this is how i look back on first days of birdspot. tiny groups of curious individuals. making things up, just having fun. ....... nostalgia ........... fond thoughts ........................... kids don't walk on my lawn ................ rock music)

@ranjit i was actually just looking at my 2nd month annual bookmark for "thing-a-day" .... fond fond days long past

@ranjit lol ranjit this is so good ... i think back fondly on your fantastic daily music inspirations

@kit i thought about taking it that way, tbh. it was too hard to word though so i put it down softly. thanks for picking it up again.

*starts hollowing out a big turnip, w/ plans of using it as a dorm*

just a rant Show additional

just a rant Show additional

old man!
thought starbuck w/ a grin
i said old man!
stab that whal in his chin