"crypto" 👏 is 👏 short 👏 for 👏 cryptozoology

doppio doppio
my morning brown stuff will
kick us to working, or
so that's a thought

it's got us wiggling and
jiggling and twitching and
squirming a lot

Oulipian Star Wars
Part I – Much Ado About Jar Jar
Part II – Two To Jango
Part III – Sith Hits Fan
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Rascal 1: A Star Wars Story
Part IV – Star Wars: A Star Wars Story
Part V – Plot Twist
Part VI – Furballs 1, AT-AT 0
Part VII – It's Back, It's All Back
Part VIII – Viva Canto Bight
Part IX – Skyfolk Go Upward

apart from that, Mrs Lincoln, how was that play?

avoiding thinking about things by using common brainworm formats 

what if YOU "gotta grow slow"

but YOUR SPIRITUAL SITUATION said, "ok but that's not slow that's just standing still"

ahum *walks up to mic* it's uh ... uhm. *soundbox has a noisy loopback* it's, it is thursday *crowd starts shouting & making an uproar*

Q: What's a tuba for? 

A: About 1½"×3½", if you don't ask for "full-cut."

musk purchasing a controlling amount of stock in oulipo bc "i want additional glyphs" smgdh

post-noon hour of struggling 

trying to plug a sandwich into my android's charging apparatus

ultra misinformation 

it's thursday harrrrrr har har har harr

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