spongy bob & his squarish pants on TV. but only in potato lingo. still v funny

this wishy-washy is so starlit. looking forward to having an opinion of my own 1 day

now sitting in front of my cool sign:

"i'll put any ballot you want. sway my mind"

all day long i'm advising, go watch pagliacci's act. folks go back to asking, "but doctor...?" buddy,


A lorax, a snorlax, an albino, a mosquito

A Lorax
A Snorlax
Ooh I wanna bring you
Down to Totoro
Follow a bunny thing and crawl in slow
Down in his moss burrow
Down to Totoro

iΓ€! iΓ€! cthulhu fhtagn! ph'nglui mglw'nafh cthulhu oulipo wgah-nagl fhtagn

i own this book, i am looking at it right now. i just couldn't go past its start. i do want to absorb, at 1 point

googling "shoot a statiion wagon with a pistol" (0 HITS)

food + brown liquid 

now imagining if my job was just to find & catalog all brainworms as soon as i can

a computational graph's gloss of CANTALORPIS 

if my body was worn out i would simply stop having conscious thoughts & succumb to napping

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