always photograph hummus 

didn't post this but what's a day or two

ouroboros chat 

look at this fantastic chunky boy

tiny writing, bad glyphs, soup 

discussion about soup

food, nut discussion 

ONLY my mommy knows how to roast almonds right

animal addition to family 

say "hi" to Marshmallow & Totoro, s.v.p.

always photograph cinnamon rolls 

it took 10+ hours but i got my own

i'm look at you! 

i got a two gaps in mah portward aural organ ..... & a titanium bar

body modification 

today's productivity: putting TWO gaps in my portmost aural organ

lmao only now noticing that a rotation glyph was drawn out of our instantiation's splash pic, hahha, i did a clap out loud

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