lmao only now noticing that a rotation glyph was drawn out of our instantiation's splash pic, hahha, i did a clap out loud

so happy to find that this infamous sand-clay-silt pyramid chart is totally compliant βœ…

bony visuals of crawling animal 

unwinding my mind by doodling. post-doodling i took a walk γ€Œζ•£ζ­©γ‚’ζ­©γγΎγ—γŸγ€

"i won't bloom for a long bit", famous words of that good cat who is going forward slowly, that highborn myowing bastard I find familiarity to most

wow! i didn't know "look around you" was such a rich origin of brainworms!!!! thanks @joshly. thoshly

dog drawing, surgical talk 

@ojahnn this individual is climbing "up" what i think is a flat bit of ground. (from "far cry 5: bigfoot mountain", a film by charborg)

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