OK, first try at a toot: A 90's JWZ would talk about playing music by Richard H. Kirk: I thought I 'got' that spy/schizo mood. And in a clip I saw, RH Kirk, today, shows off his Braun Nizo 8mm (or similar) filming by a canal. I think I saw it on a mag... can't find it just now. So is D. Rams (and his ilk from Ulm) a man who DSA participants and all critical, radical humans should follow? Or would doing that just, in fact, conform and succumb to Jony at AAPL's slick, haptic form-giving? Hmmm.

I found it. This is a link to that instant I'm talking about. From "Synth Britannia", a BBC program I saw 5 or 6 months ago: In my mind this taps into an obvious association with digital (or analog) music and rational, minimalist, industrial and graphic work (mostly Swiss). Good traditions to draw from... but analog film has particular associations now, but not always pointing a forward-thinking way, politically.

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