I don't know what to do with that, so I'm just dropping it in this spot.

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Tomorrow: a visit to a library to talk to a librarian, probably.

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A local family put up a jumping toy right out of our boudoir window today. Local kids thought it was a fantastic plan, but I'm not sold.

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I think my laptop monitor is going bad. Color looks just slightly wrong. Just slightly. Too light, or contrast is too low. I don't know. I'm not a color pro, so I don't know how to confirm what's going on, or if I'm just abruptly picky. Any tips? (This is a macbook running macOS.)

I cut our grass today, and also saw a toad.

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On occasion, I ask my library to add a book that isn't in a local catalog. Until now, my librarians took a pass on all of my tips. But today I found that my last proposal got approval. Fun! Now I'm can look forward to ~"Living Among Qallunaat" by Mini F.

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a man, a plan, a canal: tag which is you (I'm a canal)

I'm sad that I can't say ~"a man-gorilla: panama" on this spot, though, which would also satisfy laws of minimal-panama.

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