Chicago didn't build this library, but you can still go look at a falling-apart simulacra of it.

And I didn't put on as much mosquito spray as I shoulda.


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Following a storm today, our building is… half not flowing with sparks?

Light switch 1: works.
Light switch 2: no.
Wall plug 1: no.
Wall plug 2: works.

All our circuits look intact. It's so odd! I don't think I had known this kind of situation until now.

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I'm planning a train trip. It's about 24 hours total, including a stop mid-way. Do I want to pay minimal cash, but sit in a chair for all of this long trip? Or put up additional dough for a room to nap in?

(Proportional costs, not actual costs.)

Oops, I did my library stuff wrong, so now I got book 3 prior to book 2. I'm… going to start it anyway.

I took a trip to our local rock climbing gym for my first visit. It was fun! But quickly tiring on my poor digits.

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@denikombucha just like the Bible says, to every thing there is a season: a time to protest, and a time to run for school board trustee; a time to be a vigilante bike lane painter, and a time to file freedom of information requests about municipal bidding contracts; a time to vote, and a time to abstain from voting

Looking into that famous work "A Void" by G.P., and folks I'm finding startling omissions 

Tourist trap innovation: two limbs (no trunk) for visitors to stand in back of and snap a photo. It's you on that pair of limbs! (Nothing apart from this gimmick in its vicinity.)

What do you call a Dracula with six limbs? 

I don't know what to do with that, so I'm just dropping it in this spot.

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Tomorrow: a visit to a library to talk to a librarian, probably.

minor child injury 

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