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Hmm. I should start strumming a mandolin again. It's a fun hobby, but also difficult for my hands to do. Anyway, mostly I thought of it only on account of it's oulipian to discuss. (As long as I don't try that particular chord...)

Today: constant snow.
Tonight: constant snow.
Tomorrow: only mostly snow.

Our local road constructors dug up lots and lots of railroad rails that had lain in asphalt for an unknown duration (unknown to my mind anyway). Stacks and stacks of such rails: such a fun sight on my walk tonight.

Big construction is starting tomorrow on our main road. A rapid transit bus path is going in, with fancy bus stops and paying-prior-to-boarding. As a bus-riding human, I think this is all good stuff.

This morning I found snow all around, an inch or two (or four?) high. I'm glad I got up to know about it. It won't stick around for long.

This morning my tooth doctor says again that I ought to floss. All of my visits go that way, from childhood through today. Okay, you win for now, tooth doctor. I'll try it out.

Oh, hi again, oulio-ists. I'm glad you all got back okay.

An unknown individual got into my old social account that I had cut off many multi-months ago. I'm glad I got a mail about it, and I'm hoping my pals didn't find many annoying notifications from that cad. I'm also glad that I'm always improving my password habits in comparison to what I did with that account.

That art shanty thing was cool, but so busy! I was told that visitor count was past any old high points. Luckily, this is around for four fortnights, so I'll go back again and try to look at what I couldn't today.

Tomorrow I'll go look at a bunch of artsy huts that folks put up on an icy pond in my city. It's sort of a tradition now.

I took a lot of hours to vacuum today. So tiring.

I found a solution to avoid slipping up with that fifth glyph in casual typing. You got a fancy typing input that can swap glyph caps, right? No? Okay, buy that kind of thing first. Now just pick up this guy's spooky custom caps and pop that onto your forbidding button. You will probably not tap it unknowingly now.


A company had to dig up part of our yard on Thursday to fix an important clog. It wasn't our clog at all, but part of its path was through our yard on account of how goofy our tiny block is. A cool plant was lost during this digging, which is too bad for us. All folks can pour liquids down drains again, though, which I'm happy about.

(Whoops, not a bot. Just a bunch of cool folks with a cool hobby.)

I'm a big fan of this bot that is pushing Magic cards through many rounds of translation until original words and thoughts go away. This is my top pick so far:

I took fifth position, which I'm happy about. (I almost took position two, if not for an unlucky card draw.) Sadly, our final hour was up prior to finding an unambiguous victor, so this ranking is as of a third-from-last turn.

Tomorrow I'm playing Civilization for (up to) 10 hours with 18 total participants. I wish it could finish in that span, but I think probably it will just stop at our hour of stopping, without an actual victory. That is typical of this activity.

Sick again. Day two so far. Tomorrow isn't looking promising.

Also, it looks as if all my link posts show up as normal activity? Sorry, I thought I could post toots in that original toot only. I didn't want to spam public activity with this.