Flying was difficult today. I had a wind blowing at about 7 mph, which, it turns out, is too slow. Also it was blowing southward (unusual!), so I can't look up without looking right into our blazing sun.

I stuck it out for an hour, but I probably was only aloft for a sixth of that duration. Finally, I just sat in a shadow with my book for a bit.

Today was a good day for flying again. Winds about 9–10mph.

I found a knotty chaos in my string, though. I had to wrap my string around my hand, so I could still fly as I put it to rights. Surprisingly, I got my knots out without having to land!

tallbox boosts

As a bonus, I also got to visit pals who don't work at my company now (but did in past days), so it was 2x catching-up-with-folks today.

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I had a staff picnic with my company today and it was surprisingly fun! It turns out that I miss talking to humans occasionally, and in particular I miss knowing what folks in my company actually do nowadays.

I got a good wind today. About 10 mph (I'm told) without any wild turnabouts. My wing took off right away and was aloft for probably half an hour without much work.

This is a good switch from our months of almost-no-rain up until now-ish.

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Wow, our location is looking at continuous days of rain and lightning, starting… now-ish?

I might want a tail for this wing. It was circling past its top point and diving back toward ground a lot. I think a tail would control this a bit (or possibly my skill is just lacking).

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I thought I would go kiting a lot during my days off, but it was so hot that I didn't. Finally, things got cool again on Saturday and I got to fly a bit.

I'm taking a bunch of days off work. Hoping it's good and boring!

Right! What a prodigy that guy is! At all things! And so young!

I'll look up that short story, too. Thanks for that tip.

I don't think I saw a rabbit unwind that way. Usually, a rabbit is such an anxious animal.

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As I was washing my lunch dish today, I saw a small rabbit visit our yard. It actually lay down! And hung out that way for a bit. Finally it got up, had a munch on a plant, and took off hopping into tall grass.

Ugh, I'm finally about to finish a book again (covid world is not good for my book habits) and it turns out that it's part of a trilogy. With only two books in print so far.

I took a walk out to my flying spot, but found that I had no knot in my string. I don't do this much, so I don't know how to fashion a good knot at all. I finally just did a bunch of bad knots, and that was okay!

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I did a small bit of kiting today, and it was good.

@obliquestions (But as with many bots, I think it posts too much. A post or two a day is a good limit, in my opinion.)

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