I got my nori-wrapping algorithm down to a good running duration 

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book summary 

This is a list of normal sounds:
• Sound of rushing air
• Gurgling/hissing
• Dripping sound
• High pitch rattling

Got an apparatus today with a "Normal Sounds" manual topic.

I think I first found out about it right in this spot, but if so, I couldn't turn up that originating toot.

Kim S. Robinson's Aurora is a good book about star colonizing, with an uncommon and stimulating mood, which I roughly sum up as "This was a bad plan. Why did our grandfolks think this would work? Also, our cohort didn't sign up for this. How about just going back now?"

As a bonus, it's primary narrator is a highly skillful ship AI that thinks a lot about if it's now displaying conscious thought or not.

Tonight is such a good autumn night! Cool and crisp, with campfiry odors wafting about. Good job all around.

Look at this cool utility lid I saw in Chicago. It has a kind of old digital drawing motif that I'm totally into.

Chicago didn't build this library, but you can still go look at a falling-apart simulacra of it.

And I didn't put on as much mosquito spray as I shoulda.


tallbox boosts

Following a storm today, our building is… half not flowing with sparks?

Light switch 1: works.
Light switch 2: no.
Wall plug 1: no.
Wall plug 2: works.

All our circuits look intact. It's so odd! I don't think I had known this kind of situation until now.

spicy food 

tallbox boosts

I'm planning a train trip. It's about 24 hours total, including a stop mid-way. Do I want to pay minimal cash, but sit in a chair for all of this long trip? Or put up additional dough for a room to nap in?

(Proportional costs, not actual costs.)

Oops, I did my library stuff wrong, so now I got book 3 prior to book 2. I'm… going to start it anyway.

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