I took a walk out to my flying spot, but found that I had no knot in my string. I don't do this much, so I don't know how to fashion a good knot at all. I finally just did a bunch of bad knots, and that was okay!

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I did a small bit of kiting today, and it was good.

@obliquestions (But as with many bots, I think it posts too much. A post or two a day is a good limit, in my opinion.)

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@obliquestions is a good bot to find occasionally in a list of toots. I don't know what it is about it that I find so good, but it just works.

It's spring, so I'm mowing our yard again. I kind of forgot about that, and didn't miss it.

I took a long walk today, and it was Too Much.


Against all odds, I won victory against Tiamat and got out of this burrow!

(If you think of any tips for improving it, do say so!)

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I got @ouloco running again! This bot will post strings in our local coding that still contain that glyph which our laws forbid.

If you want, you can follow it and toot back with tips to fix up invalid strings.

Any @ouloco toot also has a link straight to github now, so you can quickly submit a pull proposal to our administrator if you want to.

During it's past run, I didn't do anything with folks' submissions, but my goal now is to put in pull proposals on occasion.

tallbox boosts
tallbox boosts

I'm constantly pushing back my library holds now, and not happy about it.

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At month 11(?) of not-going-out-at-all, I'm still finding that it's hard to finish a book without a bus to sit in.

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I took a bunch of days off work, and now I must go back to my job soon, only I don't want to.

I found a lot of air, which is typical for our radiators. I got it all out for now. I'll look again annually, as is my habit.

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