This is just to say
I got you two plums
which I put in your cold-box
for you to snack on this morning
in thanks for crashing on your couch
it was so warm and so cozy

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Status: Making a fictional book front for a fictional SF book to mail to my actual book club. (For humor.)

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On my trip to Paris, I bought candy with humorous words in its packaging.

This is a building I saw in Paris. A sign says that folks want it torn down soon. 🙁

I'm back from Paris now. I saw so many sights.

I took many hours of duolingo in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Paris, but I still don't know how to say "um" or "uh" or similar pausing sounds. This is important stuff, duolingo! How can I talk without it?

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I found out that I can go to Paris for a work thing in about a month. Plus, I'll stay for a short vacation following work obligations!

This is my first trip to GMT +/- a bit. I don't know at all what to do for my vacation part, but I'm looking forward to it anyway.

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It's not too late to choose one of these AI-generated costumes. Toaster Boy? Vampire Chick Shark?

This is my first NYT op-ed and I am so excited.

On my walk tonight, I saw a dog who I know from past walks (a passing familiarity you might say) out of its yard. I don't know how or why it got out. It was just waiting stoically at its own chain link door. I don't know its family at all, but I don't want to disappoint a dog, so I brought its chain link door ajar. That dog got right in and as soon it was in its own yard… it turns around and starts barking its noggin off, right at its savior. What's that about, dog?

Cold Comfort Farm, by S. Gibbons, is a cornucopia of top-notch fictional slang (or actual? I couldn't say).

Okay, this is a story about my talk-box.

I own an archaic talk-box (that flip kind). On four occasions this past month, my talk-box clock cut back an hour without justification.

In all occasions, I was at a singular location. As soon as I walk a block away from that spot, my clock is back to normal.

I ask my pals, who also stand in this spot, and find that only my own talk-box has an obligation to adjust its clock.

It's baffling and almost charming.

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0