I must admit, my book habit is taking a hit now that I don't sit on a bus for two hours daily.

Oh no, my local library branch is doing cool, practical construction! It will shut its doors for many months, so I must go out of my way to a backup location to pick up books for now.

Hmm, I want to pull down all toot-backs to my @ouloco bot, but I'm not finding a way to do that. Can such a thing occur (without much work)?

But it also puts forth good points about high variation in talking in comparison to writing. In US talking, you might say "family" with a schwa as "fam-i-ly", or you might omit it as "fam-ly" and both would sound familiar.

So, probably a sound lipogram is hard to put into laws at all, apart from actually doing it.

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That popular wiki says that schwa is our most common non-consonant, which I think would solidly fix it as our most common among all sounds.

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Has anybody thought up a lipogram for talking? That is, if you put your oration into IPA, which symbol or symbols would you omit? Did anybody do a symbol ranking of IPA in US talking?

Sadly, doing work is hard, so I didn't do it. I still think about it a lot.

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Long ago, I had a Big Thought about rating books (or any kind of thing). I find it hard to commit to "Book A is four stars" (or any quantity), but I can usually say "Book A is not as good as Book B" for any pair of books.

So, my plan was to construct a program for ranking any book against arbitrary books that I also was familiar with. "Book A vs. Book B", "Book B vs. Book F", "Book F vs. Book Q", and so on. In that way, I could build a matrix of my arbitrary book opinions.

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Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon


A solar air balloon that runs only on sun and black fabric! I wouldn't think this could work. (Won't lift much, but still fantastic.)


During my trip, I saw tidal pools and a (not so) old orbital craft, and occasionally I didn't put on a coat.

book opinions: "Sphinx" by A. G. 

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I caught a ghost bus today. What a gift!

book opinion: Orbital Cloud, by Taiyo Fujii 

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book opinion: Orbital Cloud, by Taiyo Fujii 

It was twilight as I got off of work today. It's a good mood to watch that sun coming back.

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Image from page 630 of "Triumphs and wonders of the 19th century, the true mirror of a phenomenal era, a volume of original, entertaining and instructive historic and descriptive writings, showing the many and marvellous achievements which distinguish an


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