from the phonetic/orthography vae, some grid interpolations of plausible(?) phonetically-related nonsense words

the idea being that words next to each other on the grid—up and down, left and right—sound similar to each other, and the model can generate a new word in between any two others.

there's still a ton of tweaking to be done on this but the main Poetic Vision of the project was "nonsense words in strange harmony stretching out as far as the eye can see" and I feel like I'm getting pretty close to that

for my oulipo friends, another thing I can do with this model: by zeroing out the possibility of certain letters during inference, I can automatically spell words phonetically without using particular letters. random examples:

emptier → imptiar
relies → rilis
checkers → chackirs
interpreter → inturpruttor
commenter → commnttor
ireene → irin
preference → proffrints
reiteration → ritiration
nineteen → ninitin
coherent → cohirant
breadbasket → brodbastach
repeal → rippill
groceries → grossiri's


@aparrish Is your coding for all this on a public git spot at all? I got an inspiration to try a fun, similar thing, but I don't know what I'm doing at all and would dig a working copy to play with.

@tallbox not yet, check back in a few weeks! still just in r&d right now

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