Gonna try updating our mastodon instantiation again in a bit, from 2.7.4 to 2.8.4. Yay?

Looks as though upgrading is through, and all is ok. Many translations missing, as usual. You can submit translations at oulipo.link/qiqjBZ

@rjl20 I kinda want a bot that posts a daily random config string that is missing an oulipo translation. I want 100% translation, but it's too many strings to look at all in a sitting.

This list of translations is in github, right? So a bot could just grab that list?

@tallbox It's tricky. I run a script to mash up all translation strings from a bunch of locations into that big list. But a similar script could do bot activity, so... hmm. A lot of strings' function is kind of occult, so posting might not prompt good translations. Worth a try, though?

@tallbox Such a bot couldn't post to oulipo, obviously. But if you want to try at a bot, I put a TSV of all strings and translations at oulipo.social/translations.tsv, and will add updating that TSV to my git workflow.

@rjl20 Okay, I got a bot coming right up. It's got lots of hard-coding, so I must run a manual script to pull in any TSV with modifications.


@rjl20 It's living now: botsin.space/@ouloco

Its automatic posts stay off-listing, so I think folks must follow it to join in?

My thought was that folks would just post back to this bot's toots, and you could watch for proposals. Is that a fruitful workflow for you? It's only a rough draft right now, so any critical analysis is good!

@tallbox Cool! I'll follow it and watch for activity.

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