guarding as usual that standard institution (for nix, mind). constant calls from horny public: is it for fucking? my man, id go for it if i could, but for this cockblocking policy

- all-looking optic orbs
- all-tasting mouth
- all-sniffing proboscis
- all-touching digits
- all-sounding lugs

Brought to you by my mind as I hum Link-songs loudly to our baby as I stomp about to assist it with going unconscious (as in, zzz).

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Tidying Up With Koji Kondo: throw out anything that won’t play Saria’s Song as you pick it up.

A happy baby day – I stan baby-toting fabric ring slings. Trying at organising all my situation with OmniFocus (not my first try) and Kourosh Dini's accompanying book (which is good, I say). Adding a 'post to' task, coming up again daily – if I'm about a bit, that's why.

@jackbaty Apropos your TiddlyWikiing, I’m coming around to thinking that (for Mac info via RSS) MJ Tsai is all you (that is, I) want. (And DF—that famously gray blog—also, p’haps.)

A quandary: for this to act as main I must follow folks from various Mastodons… but I don’t want to junk up my ‘babbling brook’ of posts I’m imbibing with non-Oulipo info (that glyph, ya know)… what to do? Following but muting?

… but for chris simpsons artist, and dril too. Only ironically, as schtick. That’s okay?

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Our attracts only folks who accord to words a significant import, mulling and choosing judiciously – so no typos (or not many). Unfair probably, but I think not as highly of folks on FB (&c.) flouting dictionary and grammar book both.

Glitch and and Bandcamp and Mastodon: all (and mayhap only?) www platforms worth a damn – and all compliant with us! Just lucky? I think not!

lift up that asphalt and—look, what's this? that sandy coast!

How do I unblock? Blocking bots on local, but now know I could/should do muting (or what sort of am I?)

What (wondrous) fool had a hand in naming it and not 🤔

oulipo posting stats
anybody good at mastodon can you assist us, our instantiation is dying

Should do tax stuff, but just want to play with Tiddlywiki.

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