I gots an urging for making a(ny) sorta small digital work or toy (bot? Glitch? blog? wiki?), just so’s I’m participating in making. Burnt out on WWW a bit in past months, but miss bot/art/word folks so.

@tully i got into compiling tinybooks in 2019, and so did @starlit! It's fun how it allows you to focus on a topic of your choosing, and you wind up with a bit of art that you can post on www *or* print out for physical distribution.

@ojahnn @starlit Tinybook as in, uh, rhyming with young proto-adult? (Your Python string thing?) I could do a bit of that, mayhaps!

@starlit @ojahnn I had a play with this a ways back! What was your publishing output, @starlit? I wanna look!

@tully @ojahnn i did 2 tinybooks about a 1991 nihon sci fi film & its continuation film!! i will happily post both to you if you DM your postal location!!!

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