Our attracts only folks who accord to words a significant import, mulling and choosing judiciously – so no typos (or not many). Unfair probably, but I think not as highly of folks on FB (&c.) flouting dictionary and grammar book both.

… but for chris simpsons artist, and dril too. Only ironically, as schtick. That’s okay?

@tully I was also taught that making a lot of typos is a sign of not having brilliant things to say anyway. I do think it's an unfair stigma, but it's so far up our brains that it's difficult to drop it.

Ironic typo-ing is a byproduct: I *could* do it right, but I'm *choosing* not to, for fun. Hilarious occasionally, but usually not a good show of class solidarity.

@ojahnn Yah, I’m cognisant of this habit in my thinking as troubling, and unfair to many folks. Happily, I do not go about policing grammatical (and similar) shortcomings – particularly in www-land! – as I got rid of that inclination a ways back. Bad thinkings-back on Hard-To-Spot Mountain bot, and humans insisting on acting akin to it, to show off ‘smarts’… 🙄

Not knowing what to do with this (original) notion of my own, I just… hang out in mainly this spot, for now…

@ojahnn DFW (bandanna jock writing man) is angrily adamant that you can’t distinguish thought from saying of it - good thinking writ poorly is bad thinking, is his dictum. I sort of nod along, but (nowadays) a bit guiltily…

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