@ranjit from May 7 through May 18! first half for work, last half for fun


@ojahnn @ranjit Aaah! May 23 to 10th of following month _pour moi_! ✨Sugoiiiiii~!✨

@ojahnn @ranjit Such is living! Did you visit prior to this trip at all? I did – amazing country!

@tully @ranjit No, it's my first visit. It's so far! My flight has a duration of 20 hours or so! I'm going to Miyazaki, Nagasaki and Fukuoka (100% oulipotic trip ofc)

@ojahnn @ranjit You can always turn to hiragana – or romaji! May it blow your mind, I wish you a rad (working) vacation! 🎌

@tully @ojahnn I wanna go too! Last visit was fun but toooo long ago.

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