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Tully, son of Hans @tully@oulipo.social

I trained a char-rnn on podcast titles, and here are the (raw) results:I trained


some of my favs:

15 Bills 1 Money
36 Minutes In World with Dr. Showing
46 Monets Podcast
A Hom Thing Managagy
A Phecist Well-Podcast
Beyond Show - the Podcast

cc: @janellecshane


I don’t think as hard as I think I think

@ojahnn @ranjit You can always turn to hiragana – or romaji! May it blow your mind, I wish you a rad (working) vacation! 🎌

@ojahnn @ranjit Such is living! Did you visit prior to this trip at all? I did – amazing country!

@ojahnn @ranjit Aaah! May 23 to 10th of following month _pour moi_! ✨Sugoiiiiii~!✨

@ojahnn @CamCoop @quasihaiku @liam Yah, Tasmania is my island of living! Busy/lazy too, but I gots notifications on! 👋

Good thing that I put back on my iOS thing all my social apps for sitting at bar.

This morning: fours shots strong. ☕️☕️🐝☕️☕️

@sculpin Thank you! Oddly, I told Mastodon but not birdland. Working AFK for a SAAS company I'm most admiring of. 😜 (Still afraid of jinxing - contract not John Hancock'd.)

… got this job! 😱 Was told straight away.

Job chat on Skyparoo starting… just about now! Crossing digits and mainlining social to try and calm.