standard coitus 

What (wondrous) fool had a hand in naming it and not 🤔

@waltwhitman … think about your facing, don’t know why you didn’t prior… 🎵🎤

@ranjit wishing to you following-day vibings from out yon in futurity… 🇦🇺

@sydney This is a big thing! Congrats all round. (Also yay baby-wrapping!)

oulipo posting stats
anybody good at mastodon can you assist us, our instantiation is dying

Should do tax stuff, but just want to play with Tiddlywiki.

@uhlo Oulipo is muscular; improving by practicing omission again and again.

@uhlo Oh, I do this too! Staring and staring, going, I don’t spot any bad guy…

@uhlo Unfamiliar things don’t naturally go smooth at first! I’d say just try and stay chill about it all… slowing down posting is (says I) a part of what’s good tooting in this spot, and not a bug. 🐛

@uhlo You can try forcing toots brutishly - just carving and cutting away at your words until Mastodon app will say okay to your toot. It’ll arc up if it spots any forbid glyph!

Show additional (Mark II) is a lipogrammatic Mastodon for all.
Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0