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Should do tax stuff, but just want to play with Tiddlywiki.

I did a boost of non-compliant bot output to this location and now I’m not-good-ful about doing so.

GUYS, is it gay to rip? You're cutting wood along (parallel to) the grain. Contrast crosscut.

Turning off all Masto quanta. Too quickly caught up in: how many stars? How many boosts?

Aha! A long push of tootback/boost button in my Masto iOS app du jour – Toot! – and you can pick account to do that thing from! Just as I was hoping/wishing! (It’s a fun app.)

But, in so doing… could I hack not following anybody from any additional instantiations at all? Would I forgo all that wouldn’t join us on O dot S? A bit sad at that thought! 🤔

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Talk to yours truly sans fifth glyph or talk to yours truly not at all. (Or blast off a computing mail, in a pinch.)

Apropos, what occurs following a DM from a non-compliant pal to this Masto? Just straight to `programmingpal/null`?

Is this Oulipo host taking on additional folks? Thinking to go Oulipo main and saying to all I know, hi, join in at this URL to chat with moi? Mostly to bring down # of inputs in my day - this and Pal Camp is a lot.

Goodnight sugary royal! Parting is such tasty sorrow…

I’m gonna go and lay down, it’s almost two o’clock.

Must unfollow all non-Oulipo accounts on this Oulipo alt. (Or is this main?)

Musing how y’all do this? Multi-Mastodon doing my brain in… or should I just inhabit Local always?

Aboard a flying thing to transit from Tas to Vic for work.

Gotta roast carrots, cauli, orangy potato (sugary), and such.

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