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@dra OMG that's your bio I thought Masto was just bugging out hahaha

Funny TV shows:
• Parks and Uplifting Distraction
• Malcolm Halfway Through
• Always-Strong Kimmy Schmidt
• Curb Your Joyful Spirit
• How I Ran Into Your Mom
• BoJack Stallionman
• Family Nowadays
• Corpus of Big Bang Notions
• Carnal Affairs In That City
• That Work Location
• Growth Cut Short
• Prosit
• Chums
• Family Guy

Again spiralling down wormpit of hours lost to browsing. An inauspicious start to my day.

This (old) TLDR podcast on Olivia 🥔, Robot Post-Child (Rob Dubbin's bot) is tops. [10 min.]

hi guys i'm hoping to write another piece about mastodon, a sort of wrap-up for my experiment a few weeks ago where i tried to replace twitter with masto.

i'd love to to interview a bunch of you guys? looking for old users and new users alike

This lipogrammatic combination pangram-aviary was built to contain not only thirty as, six bs, 13 cs, six ds, 8 fs, six gs, 8 hs, 26 is, 3 js, six ks, 14 ls, 9 ms, 17 ns, thirty os, 7 ps, two qs, 14 rs, 49 ss, 22 ts, 14 us, 3 vs, six ws, 9 xs, 8 ys, 1 z, 1 falcon, 1 goldfinch, 2 quail, 1 clamor of rooks, sixty jays, 1 crow, four mallards, 1 robin, 1 cuckoo, four thousand sixty-six lapwings, and just 1 kakapo, but also various bits of punctuation, such as commas, a goshawk, and a full stop.

I must off to Land of Nod. What word (adj.) works for this modality?

Cut inputs. Stop up lugs with plugs to stop from giving in to call of social apps. Grant my strong will in this.

Obligatory Happy Friday post!
not looking forward to tomorrow's shift
I wanna marry avocado toast

So mad at disruptions to my dang train trip to town. I'm trying to go to a comic (Dan Kitson), show starts in half an hour! 😰

So follow lists of offworld accounts only show folks following from within this instantiation? Trying to find noulipo accounts to follow…

knowing that i'm never going to experience the full decentralized firehose makes me happy. there are toots i will never see. the content i don't see is the most mysterious and exciting and is a perpetual frontier. the omniscient panopticon model of socializing leaves nothing to the imagination.

Pick up iOS thing, look in on Mastodon, look in on birddomain, scroll apps idly, put it back down. Forgot to do thing I took it up for.

Show additional (Mark II) is a lipogrammatic Mastodon for all.
Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0