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I fully support this "monovocalic flag-fucking toot" thing that's coming into fashion



On northbound bus now, post-job. Viva la Saturday and Sunday!

What's an Oulipal's fav linguistic construct? 

Good tidings thus far on job hunt front. Crossing digits and lurking about Gmail inbox.

βšͺ️ 0️⃣0️⃣2️⃣βšͺ️
days without

And I may find you living in a shotgun shack
And I may find you in a distant part of our world
And I may find you driving a roomy motorcar
And I may may find you in a good-looking mansion
With a good-looking husband
And you may think out loud, "So, how did I attain this?!"

Good toots wasting away in non-public posts-spot.

Today in Australia it's Anzac Day, an annual ritual calling to mind all wars, in particular a bad campaign at Gallipoli during WWI against Turks

That joy in spotting a typo on hitting 'Toot' but also having a fifth glyph in which stops it posting.

Writing a bot to pipe RSS news feeds into Mastodon is one of the least useful things to do. And I wrote a book on RSS feeds. I like feeds. But, this place is best when it's all actual people tooting, with the occasional weird art bot. Get a feed reader if you want feeds

I wroth a stupid script.
It Takhaar a sfoot and transforms it. Rhabditiform words with an F with thiamin ngai word in a dictionary without an F.
Too bad F word that starts with F F up as F.

Just in front of my working-room window, a robin mom is working nonstop on robin-baby nutrition. It's constantly flying up to my window sill with a bug or a fly in its mouth, looking around for bad guys, and if it cannot spy any, it brings that bug to its kids, just on top of my window. And off again for additional bugs! And again! 🐦

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0