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@mus in all truth it is toots which I am most fond of. Ordinary clicks and skips of a humdrum now, day in and day out, but with a tilt: a foundation that can't align with its surroundings. So thanks for that.

Followup: I put no notions or thoughts down, in favour of just tooting. 😓

btw, my program which runs @drilipobot is on github, if you want to look at it:

Ugh, want to trash my most popular (by far!) toot—an Oulipo rip off/riff of prior art, not my own doing. (So trash it!)

On a bus to work again. Thinking (this morning during lavation; again now) about codifying a list of… own philosophy? Aspirational moral laws, or goals? Not too many (six?). Just to plant a flag (ha!) that shows how I go about in this world. Anxious that I lack a basic substratum guiding my actions for good…

"sixty ordinary tourists try to fuck a historic flag in a month" factoid actually just statistical flub. Gonfalons Wint, who works at history foundation and is found taking upwards of 40000 shots at that flag in a day, is an anomaly adn you should omit him from stats.

What if you post to this spot only truthful accounts of living? Actually say a thing that's tru?

In such proximity to wiping this pants-computing thing. *So* not far.

mild: posting daily on that bird program
wild: losing hours composing silly and banal toots on this instantiation of our own: oulipo!!

Just updating my own linking this night from my phoning thingo: (allow my nym's fifth glyph in URL)

I await my opportunity again today, a randy watchman full of flag lust. You horny visitors always try to usurp my primacy in boning Old Glory. My boss thwarts all our plots.

sometimes it's very surreal to get replies from tooters on, because they'll be phrased in ways that appear very strange at first.

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0