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Tully, son of Hans @tully

@d6 As in minor hacking? Or hacking sun's rays &c.? (Cool both ways.)

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@Thiago That hashtag is (in its way) anti-artistic - just folks posting normal day-to-day stuff on this thing, only without that first non-consonant! Don't think too much on it, is all! 😁

Oulipo pangram two, with just XXXII symbols (and using a participant of this community):

Big lavish crowd to quiz foxy jamspank!

@ojahnn I'm in this spot for all of this 😍

@mus do you know Rob Dubbin's Olivia bot? (Though is a proto-adult 'normal'?)

@cm Mis-parsing PoC on first glancing.

OK, Oulipals, I'm publishing a first cut of my AWS Lambda bot library on NPM/Github. It works on Mastodon! Try it if you build bots, and holla atcha boy with your opinions!

⚑ πŸ€– github.com/ecmendenhall/instan

Now: jotting list. Worth a shot! Dunno if I can Oulipo it also, though.

@mus in all truth it is #banalipo toots which I am most fond of. Ordinary clicks and skips of a humdrum now, day in and day out, but with a tilt: a foundation that can't align with its surroundings. So thanks for that.

Followup: I put no notions or thoughts down, in favour of just tooting. πŸ˜“

btw, my program which runs @drilipobot is on github, if you want to look at it: github.com/mlc/drilipo

@riddl Was about to pull you up for your typo, but thought of our constraint and I got why.

Ugh, want to trash my most popular (by far!) tootβ€”an Oulipo rip off/riff of prior art, not my own doing. (So trash it!)


A long toot posting first try. πŸ˜‹ #JustOulipoThings