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Oulipo pangram two, with just XXXII symbols (and using a participant of this community):

Big lavish crowd to quiz foxy jamspank!

OK, Oulipals, I'm publishing a first cut of my AWS Lambda bot library on NPM/Github. It works on Mastodon! Try it if you build bots, and holla atcha boy with your opinions!

⚡ 🤖

Now: jotting list. Worth a shot! Dunno if I can Oulipo it also, though.

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@mus in all truth it is toots which I am most fond of. Ordinary clicks and skips of a humdrum now, day in and day out, but with a tilt: a foundation that can't align with its surroundings. So thanks for that.

Followup: I put no notions or thoughts down, in favour of just tooting. 😓

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btw, my program which runs @drilipobot is on github, if you want to look at it:

Ugh, want to trash my most popular (by far!) toot—an Oulipo rip off/riff of prior art, not my own doing. (So trash it!)

On a bus to work again. Thinking (this morning during lavation; again now) about codifying a list of… own philosophy? Aspirational moral laws, or goals? Not too many (six?). Just to plant a flag (ha!) that shows how I go about in this world. Anxious that I lack a basic substratum guiding my actions for good…

"sixty ordinary tourists try to fuck a historic flag in a month" factoid actually just statistical flub. Gonfalons Wint, who works at history foundation and is found taking upwards of 40000 shots at that flag in a day, is an anomaly adn you should omit him from stats.

What if you post to this spot only truthful accounts of living? Actually say a thing that's tru?

In such proximity to wiping this pants-computing thing. *So* not far.

mild: posting daily on that bird program
wild: losing hours composing silly and banal toots on this instantiation of our own: oulipo!!

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