A proposal: 1 day (first of April could fit) all words in posts on oulipo must contain that malicious glyph. I think this is a fun constraint if you think about it. You can still do communication with it, but it's limiting in a way. Just a thought.

My brown liquid making apparatus turns flaming hot if I turn it on. I got a bad burn from it today. Ouch. I didn't thought of such drawbacks, purchasing a brown liquid apparatus.

I'm organizing an official work discussion workshop thingy in March. It will conduct in a virtual fashion but it is still much work. I'm just hoping that humans participating in it will not think it's boring...

My mood: Working on my laptop as if today's not Friday and I'm not gonna drink alkohol in a bunch of hours. 💪

And I won't miss this opportunity to say: happy world around our sun rotation to you all!

Ahoy my old humans! What did you do in your last months and what did I miss? I think I am writing up things for mastodon in coming days. Prosa or stuff. You know?

I got a food box brought to my living room (salad, tomato, all bio stuff). It is amazing and was brought by bicycling guys!

Too hot? Drink icy liquid. It's cold and its tasting outstandingly good. (Brought to you by icy liquid industry)

Whaaat!? I totally forgot that this platform is a thing. Ahoooi again! what did y'all do?

Oh no... Now I got that song of Pippi Longstocking stuck in my brain... 🎶What shall I do today what shall I dooo 🎵 youtu.be/Mplje7Zx3N0

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Good morning oulipo! What shall I do today?

Did a lot of singing last day. Was good.

Sad day for politics in my country...

I'm liking plants, I'm liking daffodils, I'm liking mountains, I'm liking rolling hills, I'm liking firy locations if that light is low.

making up a song without you know what is hard. Hm and my rhyming was not always as bad. I think...

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I'm going to work (work)
And it's a dark dark morniiing
I'm going to work (work)
Going to work is borriiiiiing

It's half a month without www at my living rooms. Oh how I am loving company that brings my WiFi 😩


First submission was last friday

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I was working on two submissions to two confs. And today I was handling in that last submission! I'm finally living again!!

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