Toot with a pin

so thrilling that is up now!
if you want a bot on Mastodon, this is how to do it. all kudos to @boodoo!

to follow up: I am going on that boat

i might quit oulipo-only mastodon? not as funny as it was...

@emma just wanna post (oulipo compliant?) ballboy lyrics at you now

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good plan or bad plan: doing my obligatory 7 days of solid work making this commission good & actually actual... on a boat? with pals? hm. i want to, but i think i want to just cuz: boat. with pals.

tbh, this is a natural conclusion from my initial aim, annums ago, of allowing lyricists to construct bots.

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got a mail asking if I can blurb a bot

work chat 

what an odd job I got

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work chat 

fortnight of working out how folks will play our forthcoming thing: I'm narrowly scraping through with a good plan. crucial part, combining two plans with flaws, luckily was this morning's flash of inspiration.

but it is good! and I got docs for folks to work from! can all go build this fucking thing!

(i think. probably. a flaw or two that wants solving... good folks at work on it)

still hanging from last night, but starting on a pint

i am thinking of q_dork's aimsthyhs with it's monochromatic colours, looping, shifting, offputting background track, hazy pacing...

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my robots work is half-public now! it's for FA in Austin will post again on actual public status

v boosts

"The juice, man." This story rules. I miss the SF where weirdos did possibly-illegal stuff just because it was neat not because they could extract value at scale to hand back to VCs.

trans stuff 

god tho - i'm thinking to a good span ago, joking-not-joking saying i should go to GP about it, as my changing thoughts on it would about sync with that long-ass GIC waiting list.

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trans stuff 

saw a doctor about trans stuff aaand... it was good? will go on that long list to visit a GIC, and possibly drugs without that wait (was pushing for that). will ring Thursday.

hacking camping 

(I did catch that coach, and am now on that train)

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