I forgot I had this account. Hi. 👋

I think I want a nap. Still not fully past my cold symptoms.

I'm at a training thing for work for improving at "managing" in MLB today. Bit dry, but it's a good cohort that I'm working with.

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I wroth a stupid script.
It Takhaar a sfoot and transforms it. Rhabditiform words with an F with thiamin ngai word in a dictionary without an F.
Too bad F word that starts with F F up as F. oulipo.social/media/2iAVJVCu94

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Dr. Not A Cat

From Russia, A Cat, Lovingly


How Lightningballs Sound To A Cat

You Only Occur Twofold, But A Cat Can Occur Thirty-Six Fourths-fold

A Cat On Liz's Spy Payroll

Cats (And Diamonds) Occur Always

Surviving, Allow A Cat To Stop

That Cat Has A Gold Gun

A Film About A Spy Who Thought I Was Truly Nifty (And My Cat)

That Cat Who Picks Up Moon Yard Compost

For Your Cat-Vision Only

Cats Do Not Say, "Not At All," At All


My brain is trying to find lipograms sans Glyph V in my mail, old bird toots, books... things that most probably won't follow this constraint. Mind-boggling.

Sword-poking was grand fun last night, though hard work physically. This morning, my mind is glowing —but not so much my body!

And now, off to don a mask and tough cotton coat and hit folk with a sword — bit not with a mind to act out combat from history. It's an Olympic sport!

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finding words trickling back from oulipo into normal thoughts and vocabulary. most visibly: "folks". it's good! "y'all" is too much (i'm from London, y'know), but a word with no man-vs-woman implications is vital.

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A followup task: Writing toots that don't scan as so crusty with synonyms; rightfully, oulipo writing should aim for simplicity and a natural flow.

And now I'm idling away my day by thinking about writing oulipo, and not doing work writing css. Poor form, Will.

I am particularly bad at contriving solutions to common glyphwords without circumlocution.

But what to call that hoard of icons at top right, for symbolising words or thoughts — Pictograph? Moodglyph? Would I act wrongly to call it "moji"?

It is so difficult to stop my digits slipping onto that naughty glyph. Salutations, oulipians, with this first toot.

Oulipo.social (Mark II)

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