Ok, I'm scaling down my (originally low) ambitions, now my goal is to do _any_ days...

Still hoping to put in smth for day 7's task, although it (obviously) won't hit Nov 7.

Oh hi!

I didn't follow oulipo.social for a month or six, but looks fun (and also, importantly, not too difficult as long as I stick to my usual low standards). In fact, I will claim this toot fulfills day 1!

What an amazing photo of Aum Shinrikyo's Asahara in pink pyjamas on a comfy chair.

This isn't right, a mass killing cult shouldn't look this cuddly...


Ha! I has a look at that "conspicuous crotch" paragrah, and it did not disappoint. (etc.usf.edu/lit2go/42/moby-dic)

I didn't think about this until now: Ahab waving around his harpoon... his, uh, big symbolic stick. What a cool book!

My nam is whal
all day I float
and splash my tail
at passing boats

But if sum man
should try to put
a barb in mi

I cronch his fot

(It''s actually 23 days from publication of pastry opinion to today, not 7, but still! What a month.)

And it was morning, and it was nightfall, and midpoint-guy saw his work and found that it was good, and took a vacation.

On Day 4, midpoint guy thought about racial tailoring of voting districts, and thought it was mostly in good faith.

On Day 5, midpoint guy thought about pay to unions, and lo, it was a violation of our constitutional rights.

On Day 6, midpoint guy thought about a Muslim immigration ban, and found that judicial scrutiny didn't apply

On Day 1, midpoint-guy thought about discrimination against homophobic pastry shops, and found a taint of anti-Christian animus.

On Day 2, midpoint guy thought about partisan tailoring of Wisconsin voting districts, and found that plaintiffs had no standing.

On Day 3, midpoint guy thought about partisan tailoring of Maryland voting districts, and found no harm that calls for an injunction.

youzicha boosts

O Suprasnail
O slug
O monopod
ha ha ha ha ha
i am out right now
but if you want to contact us
just start talking
at a sound of a boing
boing boing boing boing

If I and my twin play to win, and can pick 'C' or 'D', John Nash says it is rational to think this:

"My twin can always profit by backstabbing, so will play 'D', so I should play 'D' also. Too bad!"

But Douglas says:

"But what if I pick 'C'? My twin and I look similar, and think similarly, so probably both of us will pick 'C', and win!"

This thought is "high-rationality".

I saw "pic of animal with six arms" and my brain instantly thought "aha, an octopus!"

Probably my brain just rounds arm counts to {1,2,3,4,many}.

I rack my brain, but I can't think of any songs about trains at all. This is a gap I didn't know I had.

At last, spring! Magnolias and sakura both starting to bloom.

Ha, I'm so smug now, I did my tax many days ago! That's a first, I'm totally trustworthy and adult now!

How? Thinking thinking.... Oh right, I was putting it off, and my companion did our joint filing for both of us... 😳

I got a mild cold, and my throat hurt slightly. Not so unusual.

Until I got a mild pain in that organ which licks things! That's a first. It improving a bit now...

April is a crawling month, biting
tail in a tight loop, mixing
shitposts and parody, stirring ...

@ranjit Ha, just saw your avatar!

Oulipo is going all in on hungry cobras this month.

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