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At last, spring! Magnolias and sakura both starting to bloom.

Ha, I'm so smug now, I did my tax many days ago! That's a first, I'm totally trustworthy and adult now!

How? Thinking thinking.... Oh right, I was putting it off, and my companion did our joint filing for both of us... 😳

I got a mild cold, and my throat hurt slightly. Not so unusual.

Until I got a mild pain in that organ which licks things! That's a first. It improving a bit now...

April is a crawling month, biting
tail in a tight loop, mixing
shitposts and parody, stirring ...

@ranjit Ha, just saw your avatar!

Oulipo is going all in on hungry cobras this month.

As a poor part of town picks up, a bunch of rich twats start moving in. First it's starving artists, but young urban folks follow. This influx shifts racial composition, and disrupts community: old familiar shops shut & turn into Starbucks. It's such a bad situation, partly b/c rich colonists don't *want* to fit in with original working-class community, and only think about similar rich folks. That arriving class is too insular, too inward-looking, too ourobourgois.

Probably U.S. immigration will now ask all visitors for our social community urls? (

Form has a slipup though, it lists lots of boring hangouts such as Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram, but no!

Quorn: a moral kind of cow.

Oh right, today is Oily Josh' day of coming back! I mostly forgot until skyping with my mum and dad (who had lamb and/or ovoid candy today).

Wish you all happy holidays!

Higgldy piggldy,
August von Stradonitz'
structural formulas
constantly fail,

until his vision: a
circular lizard who
gnaws its own tail.

"Say, Tom, you don't think *I* could whit that whal for a bit?"

"Aw shucks, if it was just up to us two I wouldn't mind, but Aunt Polly's awfully particular about this whal. You know, it's up in front for all to look at. Probably not a boy in a million could whit it right..."

"No? Is that so? Oh c'mon Tom, I just want to try quickly. Look, I'll gift you this fruit..."

I though of this fun parody I saw on tumblr, which is similar to @ojahnn 's tribulations:

Sorry if this is rubbing salt in wounds!

Fun www drama: tumblr mails a big fraction of all tumblr accounts about a Russian spy in our midst---"you fav 'd a Russian propaganda post".

But *what* post? This warning mail has no particulars. Should I go through my ❤️-list 1 by 1 to root it out? (That list contains ~10,000 posts.) Tumblr did not think this through, in my opinion.

In Mountains; in Stars. On tiny pillows of moss. A World full of Soul.

Oh hi, this hangout is back again!😀

I had a look at my diary trying to think of what I did last month, but it's not much. I'm making my way through Wilson's translation of that classic book about a boating guy, that's mostly it.

HUMPHRY: Hullo Nick!
NICHOLAS: Oh! Hi, Hump!

Is *your* kid doing "high humping"? Talk with your family today.

tfw you put off calling your high hump for too long, and now it's so awkward that you just can't do it.

omg, I was assuming that all quips about "my button is bigg'r than yours" was a sarcastic misquotation, but no, Trump actually said this.

How many cans can a kannakin kin, if a kannakin could kin cans?