Our kid trilingually nags us to watch youtub: “看dump truck, grävmaskin”

This morning, finally hooking up with my pharmacist:

Oh I'm up for it
I was waiting so long for this
Yah baby, put your big thick Johnson into my body
Oh! hang on, if you push it in that far it hurts a bit...
...Mm, right in that spot...

I took that long, thick Johnson.
I took a Johnson & Johnson (that's two Johnsons in 1 go!)
Now it hurts a bit, down in that spot, as I walk around...

Flaming Fox, Air Wolf, Dirt Dog... Aqua Jackal?

youzicha boosts

challenge: explain regular expressions without using the letter 'e'

My kid can say a color now, and as that saying has it, onto-making is phylo-making told again. His first color word is ⚪, much as you'd think from B. & Kay's 1969 book.

This morning I saw a cross-lingual compound noun: I told him "mjölkglas" [glass of milk], and tot said back "奶glas", snapping part of it back to a sticky word.

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Noting how particular words "stick" for my kid. Long ago (about 6 months?), "car" was "ba", to conform to a small bunch of consonants that a kid can say. And now, if you say "car" to him, tot *still* says back "ba".

pink wall, sakura:
branch still cold but its shadow
is in full spring bloom

I'm admiring this high-accuracy song-book illustration for Brahm's lullaby. Although a full holy host is trying to lull him—a miraculous act of God!—that kid *still* sits fully upright and is not drowsy at all.

"Slug drawing" (なめくじ図), by Nagasawa R. (長沢芦雪, 1754–1799).

A snail!

Buy tangyuan! Buy tangyuan!
Don't you want a tangyuan, now and again?
1 bowl tangyuan, brimmingly full
Only 30¢ for a bowl
Tangyuan, tangyuan, buy tangyuan!
Tangyuan also is a tasty lunch.
Tangyuan, tangyuan, buy tangyuan!
Tangyuan also is a tasty lunch.

(Buy tangyuan! &c.)
Tangyuan, tangyuan, buy tangyuan!
Satisfaction or your dollars back.

(Buy tangyuan! &c.)
Tangyuan, tangyuan, buy tangyuan!
If you wait too long it might run out.


Sadly, I was/am too busy to hang out much on oulipo.social in 2020/1. But look at this cool Brio railway I built today!

Snow falls on Boston: what a charming sight! Also, a gigantic dick on my courtyard.

Out walking with my kid, who starts saying "boka! boka!"

And lo, in front of us is a Bobcat mini-forklift. I think tot probably got this vocab from our child-planting-patch. Amusing to think that out of his < 20 words, 1 slot is a construction tooling brand.

My kid shows his first sign of bilingualism. Mum asks "饼干要不要?", tot says "kaka!"

I don't actually own a rug to post for !

But, to go on gushing about my balcony, I can post this wood floor. It was bought from Amazon, in a bunch of 30cm x 30cm units that snap tight.

Cost a lot, but worth it b/c our balcony floor got so inviting. My companion said it's similar to 10% additional floor sq-ft in our flat.


A cool thing from freshgogo.com - passion fruit! I didn’t know this is how it originally looks.

All this chat about dolphins, but sadly I can't talk about 1 particular dolphin (who is famous for pricy bath soup) without violating lipogrammatic constraints.

Why not, you ask? What's so taboo?

I can't post anything b/c this dolphin is an █-girl.

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