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HUMPHRY: Hullo Nick!
NICHOLAS: Oh! Hi, Hump!

Is *your* kid doing "high humping"? Talk with your family today.

tfw you put off calling your high hump for too long, and now it's so awkward that you just can't do it.

omg, I was assuming that all quips about "my button is bigg'r than yours" was a sarcastic misquotation, but no, Trump actually said this.

How many cans can a kannakin kin, if a kannakin could kin cans?

@nv It totally is! A Tuborg Classic, to stay wholly Danish.

With hindsight, I would pick a hot dog, so it's unambiguously a sandwich.

Flying via CPH airport. I ❤️ Danish food, but how to pick? Hot dogs, shrimp sandwhich, tartar, ...

@ranjit old aquarium / a frog jumps in / it's fat and ugly

@ojahnn Poor you! Wish your nightvisions go away soon.

As posting slows down, casuals abandon it but fans stay around. So a vicious spiral starts: our population consists of word fanatics, who post good toots; so our standard is now high; so it's hard to fit in and posting slows down.

Do your civic duty! To sustain, aim for low-quality toots!


💤 Night vision: goofing off from work to go jogging in sunny NYC, & to host a politics podcast. Wish it was so!

@starlit Yup! Isn't it cool?

I *almost* got a photo of it holding a fly in its mouth, but my focus was too slow. I might go and try again.

This Saturday I had pig brain (a culinary first). It was similar to firm tofu, but slightly fatty/oily. Fairly tasty, but now I'll probably always worry about Mad Cow...

I found a colony of Furrow Orb-knitting arachnids by my flat!

@ranjit In Mandarin it's 早中饭, from 早饭 + 中饭. (Sadly not _as_ silly, b/c of phonotactics.)

@ojahnn I think it looks ungrammatical, I only saw "ad hoc" as an ADJ, not an ADV.