Popular tv show adds a companion to Count, from now on Cardinal will instruct kids about all kinds of infinity.

Looking from wild hogs to small kids, and from kids to hogs again, but within 3-5 mins I could not say which was which.

A brimful of Asha on a 45.

(Thanks to oulipo.social, I finally thought to look what this song is about! TIL.)

viral www curiosity: this ovum was small and now is big

I am Ozymandias, King of Kings, look at all trading I am going to do as soon as I am out of that confining customs union.

I'm told Tory politicians in Britain now think of proroguing, to stop MPs from blocking Art. 50.

It fits, don't you think? If you want to go back to past glory days, start by asking a monarch to abolish politics.

I am Ozymandias, King of Kings, look on my psychic star-squid, and join up!

Is a Big Mac palindromic?

A bun, plants, a dairy, a patty, a bun, a dairy, a patty, plants, a bun.

youzicha boosts

Nightly civic thing. Dipshits insist: “Mind if I yiff it?” I grin, dismissing him: “Chill. I’m finishing night shift, & *I* still think risking it isn’t right.”

An all-day watch. All fans nag, want a pass at that flag. Am a tad sad, wag hand, and say: “Pal, *staff* can't splat that flag.”

Such luck: stuff's unfurl'd & hung up. Thus lustful schmucks blurt, “fuck?”. Nuh-uh, Bud, u mustn't. Shucks, *us guys* mustn't.

Got to work on off & on job: pro bono proctor of Ross Room. Horndogs drool, look to toss off on Old Glory. “Slow down Bob, NOBODY got to splotch. God knows, boss of floor won't do so.”

In fact I took a half-hour off to watch from my balcony. :)

A stunning sight, this country is not bad!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

symposium took my submission (yay!) so now I skip July 4 🎆s in favor of last-min fixing (also not bad, actually).

My anaconda don’t want sum if it ain’t got hump, lump. Transmit toot.

If a baby is in hospital, his nursing staff also act as his nanny— thus unifying two ways of “nursing”

I had no shadow for my wax wings, slain
by too much sun and lack of rain;
I was just ash and fluff, as dad and I
took off in Knossos' much too scorching sky

Oh thank god, my stuck "s" button on my macbook un-stuck on its own. It was malfunctioning for about a day, and I was not at all happy about having to ask a shop to fix it.

A lot of criticism for that Canadian prof., saying his scholarship is not rigorous and so on, but I dunno--- according to my own intuition this illustration looks basically right.

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