this town is just bad luck:

1940 Tokyo Olympics.
2020 Tokyo Olympics.
2020 Tokyo Olympics [Akira alt-history].

First try making short biscuits. I had thought this was a difficult thing, but it turns out it's just:

① Put sugar, fat, and flour in a bowl and mix
② Put in a pan and squish flat
③ Put in hot box for 35 min.

From last night: got our first box from that "buy stuff for you from chinatown" company (, I can vouch for it). I hadn't had hot pot for > 2 months, so it's particularly tasty!

It’s officially spring now: so warm that I cat put out my comfy chair & sit on my balcony! *bliss*

I am sitting in a room, distinct from that room which you sit in now. I am posting on, and I am going to post again and again, until brainworms that fit in this chatroom amplify, and all individual traits of my talking vanish (apart from its rythm, possibly). What it shows is all naturally amplifying brainworms of our chatroom, lit up by posting.

I think of this activity not so much as a physics study, but as a way to kill days as I wait for Covid-19 social isolation to finish.

youzicha boosts

plan for tomorrow 

I: How wondrous! A word (Brotaufstrich) with 3 morphological units for a a thing which all of us would think of as just a 1-unit word! Sapir–Whorf, Inuit words for snow, stuff that is not in your philosophy, yada yada...

Also I: [has an L1 in which it is a 4-unit word (smörgåspålägg).]

And ⅋ isn't dual to & but to ⊗, that's what's making this a truly world-class shitpost.

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You guys can try, but Girard was world #1 shitposting champion from 1987 onwards. Just look at this!

My kid right now is v. into watching our vacuuming robot (a knock-off Roomba). Possibly his affinity for it is b/c it is also crawling around clumsily in our flat & bumping into things?

buddy, our boss won't allow *anybody* to--- what's that? Oh. Huh.

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Hurray! Tooth doctor says to just watch my root for now, and go back for a 2nd x-ray in 12 months.

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Got to go to tooth doctor today... it's kinda scary to start with (I will find out if I must do a root canal again), and now additionally I worry about catching coronavirus. ☹️

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no duck-thought at all, but a big swan-thought that sail nobly on big wings,

I'm scorning duck-thought PLs such as Ruby, and adopting that nobly sailing big-wing fowl, Coq.

Firmly Uphold Anatida-Cygnism and Swan Thought

Starting to work from my flat from now on, to bring down risk of coronavirus contamination. So far so good, but I worry it will turn claustrophobic soon.

Ditching old lunch habits, today I had a go at an on-campus Indian lunch truck--- but it turns out it's kindof bland... dry tough lamb, dry naan, boring grain, costs $$$.

Moral: always stick to old habits & don't try any innovations!

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