My son finds this sink fascinating. Probably it is a bit similar to that work by Anish Kapoor? Luckily it’s small so you can’t fall down into it.

“Snap out of it Rudolph, you’r anaphoric!!”

(Smiling mom:) THAT’S right, that’s BUBU!

According to a common claim, “mama” is a world-spanning word for “mom” b/c it’s what a baby says first. But now my kid just says “bu-bu-bu-bu-bu...”, so I’m imagining a linguistic alt-history.

This 9 min youtub film is amazing, it turns out you can crack an ovum into a plastic cup and still grow a chick from it! Highly magical, in my opinion.

I, too, am stuck with a chuunibyou soul in my brain.

youzicha boosts

Although I'm not happy with that YA fantasy thing that got my young-adult soul into my brain.

My kid got his first tooth today! And promptly bit mummy.

I❤️Mastodon's pictogram glyphs! That candy and corn just looks so much colorful than my MacOS font...

City girls buy vibrators/Candy girls... 🌽

"For you! for you I am trilling", Christian murmurs sardonically.

oh right, that song "Don't go, Jason W.", I'm familiar with it.

To find a cuckoo, you must go out at moonlit night and look twixt a gallows and a crossing path. You can pull it with a string---but watch out! A cockoo call will unfailingly kill all who hark to it. Plug you auditory ducts.

Solution, I would think, is to stay at a high-class inn in your own town also, so you can dig into a good food layout with no work.

(I'm vaguing about a particular bird- world guy that I'm following--- for all I know nobody but him is using it at all. 😄)

I always find ("drink socially" - an app that posts if you drink hops) kindof thought-provoking. It's so contrary to most social apps! Typically you post stuff that looks cool and will wow your pals, but broadcasting that you just had a drink won't do that...

40 min - commuting to work
15 min - looking up crucial facts
50 min - programming
20 min - writing important work mails
1285 min - loading HN/tumblr/ again and again
30 min - skyping with collaborators

Anybody who is good at this, plz assist in allocating hours, my work productivity is dying

Oasis' "Morning Glory" is such a good song. "Today's a good morning, I should do drugs". Inspirational!

My companion bought a Gundam t-shirt as a gift, and I had to admit that though I claim that I'm a japanimation fan I didn't watch that show. I'm a fraud!

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0