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Mastodon is a "FOSS" social sharing hub. A multi-host substitution for capitalistic platforms, it avoids risks of a particular company monopolizing your communication. Pick a host that you trust — you can still talk with all hosts running Mastadon. Any individual can run a Mastodon instantiation and join in this social hub in a jiffy.

Fluffy elephant friend

What puts Mastodon apart

  • Activity is chronological
  • Public activity
  • 500 symbols in any post, without that fifth symbol in Latin writing
  • GIFV and short vids
  • Granular privacy controls
  • Rich block and muting tools
  • Morally built: no ads, no tracking
  • API for apps and tools

What is oulipo.social?

A Dcntralizd and Fdratd Social Ntwork