My morning: stacking up a cord of wood for burning. Will I actually burn it? Who knows? Point is, I'm rich in wood now. So satisfying. #banalipo

My flight was okay! I was glad it didn't go through that storm, but waiting for two hours was kinda boring. #banalipo

Cat snoozing on my arm. I am stuck but no complaints. #banalipo #catastrophic

baking status: mini spanish tarts with zucchini, tomato, and onion #banalipo

status: I miss you, warm challah roll

who has two thumbs and just said "now to mop this crap off your balls!" to a baby?

*points to own body with thumbs*

*sniffs thumbs suspiciously*


status: consuming too much challah #banalipo

Did all my grammar wrangling for today, now for a nap #banalipo

Tonight's haul: 1 'SF story full of doom and gloom', and 1 'back to highschool, you didn't study so now you'll fail'.


Had mongolian hotpot tonight; so happy that Happy Lamb has a branch in Boston now. My mouth still a bit spicy, but in a good way.


a PLAY, with 1 ACT

dramatis p.: BABY, and PAPA.

[BABY, atop proud PAPA's broad scapula]
BABY: Hark! All hold! A gift!
[a slow, loud, odorous FART rolls forth]
PAPA: Auugh! What spirit is this?
BABY: Look within my pants if thou woulds't know, vassal.
PAPA: Again! Augh! Ptuaaagh!


(production n.b.: two to four stagings daily)

#banalipo #babalipo #poolipo

My own #thatbrownstuff automaton is dying. I think I won't buy a follow-up soon, and switch to #thatinfusionstuff for now. #banalipo

btw, baby is okay; just had too much chow prior to snoozing.

♫ Who's that puking at midnight? ♬
It's my baby!
♬ Who's that picking up lil' bits of last night's chow? ♫
It's daddy!

#vomilipo #banalipo

Haha. I just did a #banalipo on birdworld, without thinking about it. All of my following is now waiting for a point that won't occur.

I got an icy citron drink with my falafals but it's giving such a cold brain pain! #banalipo

i brought a brolly for rain-- now rain looks doubtful #banalipo