I got an icy citron drink with my falafals but it's giving such a cold brain pain! #banalipo

i brought a brolly for rain-- now rain looks doubtful #banalipo

spousal companion out of town
baby snoring in crib
it is only now that i can uncan my fancy ass din din
that is
(post microwaving)

#banalipo #sadsnack

trash: on curb.
baby: in crib.
burrito: in tummy.

today's baby chow so far: carrots, pork, broccoli, vino fruit, soup, yogurt, oats, original sin fruit, milk, and lots of hugs.

I am consuming so much pastry right now; it is good and I am full


I'm on my own today. Husband is abroad for a day, for work. #banalipo

hark, that groaning sound my kid is making signals a mighty poop's arrival

a waft of stink and a big baby grin confirms it


as spicy salsa sits cooling my nostrils tastily but monotonically burn #banalipo

Wasabi lolling around in a brown bag #oulipocats #catlipo #banalipo

DSL from this small, local company was slow, buggy, crummy for too many trips around our star. also, 'cuz it's buggy and crummy, it slows down month by month until i call in and talk with a human. last call-in did nothing to quick up our surfin', so today i finally got an account with Foul Monopolists, Inc. can't say it's a victory, but i think soon i may (MAY) possibly watch hulu AND post to mastodon synchronously. big goal: Windows updating without munching up all my broadband #banalipo

in putting all things into position for my almost-month-long trip to Danmark, I'm yoyoing amongst scrubbing bathroom and washing quilts for dogsitting pal, making shopping lists in DKK moolah for danish installation, piling old junk into just-bought bins (again for dogsitting pal's comfort in my apt), running out to shop for comfort food, making last-min shopping trips to amazon dot com for stuff our installation wants, and napping (to avoid confronting anxiousity). #banalipo

Ugh: In about 72 hours I gotta catch a subway to a train station to catch a train to NJ for a monorail to an airport to fly to Danmark. You might hint that I'm anxious too soon but I'd laugh at you: I'm worrying about this trip for a month now. #banalipo

Doing laundry, unusually, on Sunday 'cuz of coming rainy days. I didn't know what crowds form at laundromats on a Sunday! #banalipo

man sitting a spot or two away on my subway train is watching fútbol vids. “goooooooooal” is shouting from his palm. #banalipo

My sock stash: a labyrinth of twisty tiny socks, no two akin. (it took 1/10th of an hour to find a matching pair.)

vision orb lids droopy but i don't wanna gooo #banalipo

Was going to do laundry tonight, but now I'm too drowsy. Was conscious till 2 or 3 last night. #banalipo