@phooky thats funny, this is not far off from how I do my work #gradschoolipo #linguistlipo #babylipo

Today is my first day back at work on campus. Looking forward to lots of chats with pals, and possibly doing a bit of work now and again #gradschoolipo

I'm forming word-strings automatically and trying to do a calculation of how good my word-string output is. I want to know how much that calculation has to do with which do-word a word-string contains. #gradschoolipo

Today I'm making a subcorpus of BNC. I want to only look at a particular class of do-words, so I'm throwing out all strings of words that don't conform to my wish. Using my subcorpus, I want to programmatically form paraphrasals of all strings of words in it; I'm hoping to find that all my paraphrasals sound grammatical. For all paraphrasals that look wrong, I'll try to find out why. #gradschoolipo

I'm cold and in pain, but also having a good brain day. And I'm going for lunch with my postdoc pals, which is always fun. #gradschoolipo

Planning is important, so this is how I'm planning on structuring my days in upcoming months:

MONDAY: Writing day
MARDI: Publication consumption day, work chat day
MITTWOCH: Python class day
THURSDAY: Colloquium day, organization and mail-writing day
FRIDAY: Data analysis day


boy am I happy and optimistic about today's workload #gradschoolipo

Now that this campus is in "class modus" again, my Thursday is again a day full of distractions, no lunch, and no actual (good) work. Although I did put down ~20 words today... Can I call it a day? #gradschoolipo