If I wanted to pay to get a feature implemented, about how much would that cost? Medium complexity, maybe about two/three weeks work. Is that something the core team or a freelancer would be willing to do? @Gargron @maloki

There we go.

We now have a MastodonProject birb account, so we can help verify that you are you, and answer some questions on birbsite.

What are toots called on birbsite?


Proposal: A #Mastodon instantiation automatically substituting any noun in a toot with its 7th following noun in a particular dictionary

So… who's shown an Againtoot™ of a non-public but non-hiding, non-follow-only toot? #mastodon

Birdsite has capped uploads to 7Mb

Which means #Mastodon is now more media friendly at a default image upload size of 8Mb 😚

And it's #Caturday mastodon.social/media/GRREdJV6

[EN] A few of us would like to create an autistic-friendly instance on #Mastodon but don't have the technical knowledge to do so. Can anyone help us? Thank you.

[FR] Nous sommes plusieurs à vouloir créer une instance #Mastodon accueillante pour autistes sur #Mastodon n'avons pas la connaissance technique pour le faire. Pouvez vous nous aider? Merci.

#Mastodon #help #aide #autism #autisme #asperger

Cc @cassolotl @Autismus

Observation: #Mastodon admin culture is toxic as fuck.

I saw one admin say they're shutting down a tiny instance last night. Because they don't want to deal with the bullshit from a select few other admins.

Others are soul searching about whether Mastodon is something they want to spend time and energy and money on given the stress load of the toxic admin politics. It's harder for them to walk out because they have 100s or 1000s of users. They still might.

Something to think on.

You know I am Brazilian, but it is peculiar when I join websites from Spanish speaking countries and they send me to their English versions. Without asking. Why?


Testing #Mastodon's new #Persian interface (and #RTL stylesheet in general) thanks to the fast update of social.tchncs.de by @milan

Folks, this is really good! Thank you @Gargron for the perfect RTL implementation.

@citizenk the thing I hate about #mastodon that all those wonderful puns do not translate and I've been thinking what should my native equivalent of a "toot" (both verb and a noun, might mean this and that) so my translation is stuck

Ca y est. En moins d'un mois, #Mastodon a passé 500.000 utilisateurs.
Il avait fallu un an à Twitter pour atteindre 1 million.
Et nous sommes 800 sur l'instance de l'Etat mastodon.etalab.gouv.fr/

🇫🇷 Ami·e·s mastonautes, sachez qu’il existe désormais un wiki multilingue sur Mastodon hébergé par nofftopia.com/. Toutes personnes voulant contribuer est la bienvenue.

🇬🇧 Dear mastronauts, there is now a multilingual wiki about Mastodon hosted by nofftopia.com/. All people who want to contribute to it are welcome.

#Mastodon #MastodonWiki

I couldn't resist and wrote about my experience on Mastodon in these 3 weeks.
For all of you who are interested and understand #Nederlands #Vlaams here you go veiligheidinbeeld.weebly.com/-
#manual #handleiding #mastodon

"A year or so ago, exasperated by a recent change of Twitter’s UI, I googled for GNUsocial implementations like TweetDeck. I actually found — a tiny little one-man project, that traded GNUsocial’s PHP habit for a broader spectrum of substance abuse, that tried, bless its heart, to recreate TweetDeck’s look.
...as Twitter meltdowns its UI and steadfastly refuses to do anything about the goddamn Nazis, people are fleeing for #Mastodon’s greener fields"

@mastodonusercount holy cow, almost half a million #Mastodon users? *AND* a zero-based scale of the graph? I'M IN HEAVEN.

Does #Amaroq default to Unlisted toots for anyone else even when Post privacy in preferences is set to public? #mastodon