Yesterday # bragged about a million accounts, but did not say how many legitimate accounts it deleted at a whim. I won't return.
@maiyannah @fl0wn @cyberpotato I interpreted that as saying he'd probably switch SPC to # (not #) once it is a little more complete. I could have misunderstood, but that was my impression.

@ajroach42 I actually hope to do some reviews of the platforms soon. Really depends on what you're going for - there are short-form and long-term form systems, some of which inter-federate.

OStatus-compatible (The Fediverse):

Diaspora-compatible (The Federation):

@strypey @mayel

The primary goal of is compatibility. On day one of production, we want users to be able to follow/interact with users.

, as commented by @rysiek​ is not compatible with anything outside itself. Not sure about the others.

As a long term goal we might even make "plug-ins" so that Fedibook can interact with Diaspora, and any other federated servers that people ask for.

My profile doesn't get a lot of action since became a thing.

I've been asking developers to implement some other protocols (apart from D*'s internal one; including OStatus) for years.

There's a lesson here somewhere...

@Food sure, but I'm not talking about the UI/UX. I am talking about how basically missed the train by refusing to implement .

Shame, really.

Question: What are the best most up to date guides to help people who want to try ?

Newbies too! What guides have helped you, or what did you find confusing at first?

Everyone, whether you participate in 👻 🕸 🎃 pumpkin carving or not, it's now time to extend it to THE NEW 1st Annual #Mastodon tradition of 🍍PineappOlantern Carving! These are some I made last October in the spirit of @Gargron's joinMastodon.org for inspiration. You have 15 days to practice your carving skillz (& Pina Colada drinking 😋🍹) for a 27th-31st reveal. Don't forget to # it: #Art #MastoArt #Mastodon & 🍍#PineappOlantern 🎃 & be careful w that 🔪

Been poking at clients. While I like for being , I’m leaning more towards or .

Both seem to have decent performance and features, especially the ability to swap between instances easily.

What are y’all using?

There are a lot of things I love about #Mastodon, but there are a lot of things about it recently that are just killing my enthusiasm. I really didn't want to admit it to myself for the longest time, but I can't bear much more of it.

The shitposting is cancer, and there's so much of it - the GNU Social half of the fediverse actually does it pretty well, but the Mastodon half is mostly awful. Post-ironic-memes aren't funny. Slightly misspelling words intentionally doesn't mean you're part of some elaborate in-joke. The hidden content jokes are stale and everyone's using the same joke templates from Tumblr circa two years ago. On top of that, the meta-discourse and moderator drama is getting so bad that it sucks the fun out of the entire timeline.

I've met a lot of great people through Mastodon, and I think it's a great app overall. I particularly like that it works well on my phone, so that I can engage with the fediverse on the go. That's awesome!

There's just too many goddamned hipsters, and they're the worst offenders. They''re just perpetuating the worst parts of #Twitter and #Tumblr, and the political discourse on there has all of the depth of a Facebook comment thread.

I shouldn't feel this crotchety. I'm sorry.
@benediktg5 Man müsste bei # ja nur dieses bescheuerte Timeout ändern... @imo @thomas

I think a lot of us on watched the 'riots' in Hamburg in the past days with amazement – it has been a few years since a large scale Anti-Capitalism Left wing protest resulted in massive and organised battles with the police.

Most Left discussions about this kind of political violence result in predictable circular debates about 'Gandhians' vs 'Red Army Faction', or whatever.

I suggest that for this we watch this 1min of from the . While Srećko is not an anarchist (I don't think) he does have many deep thoughts.

Is it correct to always point to the greater state violence (wars) when explaining away political street violence like at the ? Is he explaining the protest or evading answering about it?

click the video to watch....

What Mastodon Is (graphic nonsense) Show additional

Things I'd like for Christmas: linebreaks that show up on GS instances.

If I wanted to pay to get a feature implemented, about how much would that cost? Medium complexity, maybe about two/three weeks work. Is that something the core team or a freelancer would be willing to do? @Gargron @maloki

There we go.

We now have a MastodonProject birb account, so we can help verify that you are you, and answer some questions on birbsite.

What are toots called on birbsite?


Proposal: A #Mastodon instantiation automatically substituting any noun in a toot with its 7th following noun in a particular dictionary

So… who's shown an Againtoot™ of a non-public but non-hiding, non-follow-only toot? #mastodon

Birdsite has capped uploads to 7Mb

Which means #Mastodon is now more media friendly at a default image upload size of 8Mb 😚

And it's #Caturday mastodon.social/media/GRREdJV6

[EN] A few of us would like to create an autistic-friendly instance on #Mastodon but don't have the technical knowledge to do so. Can anyone help us? Thank you.

[FR] Nous sommes plusieurs à vouloir créer une instance #Mastodon accueillante pour autistes sur #Mastodon n'avons pas la connaissance technique pour le faire. Pouvez vous nous aider? Merci.

#Mastodon #help #aide #autism #autisme #asperger

Cc @cassolotl @Autismus