My PhD buddy Rafa now inhabits a building in my building's vicinity. No opportunity so far for lunch or drinks, but our occasional commuting companionship is rad. This morning I was having a cup of #thatbrownstuff in my living room and saw him walk past my building on his way to our tram station. Funny that this can occur in a big city such as D-Dorf!

So much writing to do today. Must grab #thatbrownstuff...

On a Sunday morning it’s good to sit with a book and a dog and #thatbrownstuff until I fall back to snoozing ‘cuz I don’t gotta do anything for hours. #banalipo

@ojahnn @Cogi go to your local #thatbrownstuff spot and ask for a “pumpkin spicy” drink and… voilà!

Now I'm #birthdayroyalty. How will I whoop it up? An additional cup of #thatbrownstuff is a start.

@starlit @nv *barging in* so in my country folks call that "construction guy #thatbrownstuff" *barging out"

Curious: Oulipians, how do you concoct and drink #thatbrownstuff? I mostly do it with this manual plastic dripping thing (don't know right word):

Had a bit too much of #thatbrownstuff this morning - or a shortfall of food! Twitchy and anxious about nothing.

@ojahnn do you know, in your city, of any spots (猫カフェ) for drinking #thatbrownstuff and hanging out with cats?

Solution: I puck his brain during our first #thatbrownstuff round 😍

*stops having #thatbrownstuff*
*going back to work on Monday* okay, turns out I can do without #thatbrownstuff, but I miss my #thatbrownstuff ritual

My own #thatbrownstuff automaton is dying. I think I won't buy a follow-up soon, and switch to #thatinfusionstuff for now. #banalipo

to wit: i put on an instagram vid, last night, "... 'cuz i want my symbolism how i want my [#thatbrownstuff]: crushingly obvious"

A bit sick tonight. Too much #thatbrownstuff? Too much walking? *shrug*

It's Monday morning, I'm at work, and an unknown good soul is uncalcifying our #thatbrownstuff automaton. It's a good thing to do, but as it's going on, I can't draw a cup from that apparatus.

It was practically March six days ago, and now it's HOW hot today? Dang. Coping with a dorky book and a cold infusion of #thatbrownstuff. (Abundant 1/3 cup of grounds into a quart jar; fill that jar up with H2O; chill it for a day; strain.)

I'm sitting on my couch - cup of #thatbrownstuff in my hand, window ajar, loud rain sounds and warm air drifting in - and procrastinating a school task I must do by doing a school task that isn't as important.