I'm just thinking about on how many occasions a skillful burglar would put in months forging a copy of Mona Lisa, and braving guards and cops to go and swap this copy for that original Da Vinci, and at last back in snug sanctuary, sipping whisky and admiring this famous painting, finally noticing that this, too, is also a copy.


@ranjit forging and swapping out mona lisas is a tradition in my family going back to 1800. it's all about sport, a kind of thrill of a hunt, you know? plus it's also about proving your grit, making your mark, showing your family your individuality and approach, saying "i am an adult now, mom and dad." it's not about owning a mona lisa, it's about honing your skills and ripping off an oil tycoon who thinks this copy your cousin did is an original.

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