sad that whit whal has no avatar :-( is @parkr around to fix that? How about all of us draw a whit whal and pick a final avatar by voting??

@ojahnn @parkr my contribution to such an avatar hunt is this narwhal piñata i built back in 2011


@ranjit @ojahnn @parkr about ahab's blind ambition to hit a narwal with a big stick

@kit @ojahnn @parkr and not allow that narwhal to hit him with a big (pointy) stick!

waait isn't that original Moby-Dick about hitting a whal with pointy sticks?


@ranjit @ojahnn @parkr what if all of us was a narwal in our own way, both hunting and sought, with big sticks and against big sticks, full of daring and full of candy, just surviving as you can

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