to sail with a moody good captain than a laughing bad

@whit_whal what about a moody bad captain? is this why nobody wants to sail on my boat, s.s. minnow?

@kit If your boat L.A. Minnow P. is losing sails as fast as it's losing symbols, I'm not sailing with you


@ojahnn what if it was just a 3 hour tour?

@kit I can drown in 3 mins and I'm not taking that sort of odds

@ojahnn but my 3 hour tour, during which nothing can go wrong, has a grumpy captain, a clumsy copilot, a pair of cloying plutocrats, a film star, and a country girl. all it lacks is a phd applicant who can build things out of coconuts

@kit I only do walnuts, so sorry to say but I'm out

@kit @ojahnn how about a TA who can hack stuff out of rotting tilapia

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