playing good cop/good cop with my co-instructor in Python class

@mus only good cops in our classroom, dissimilar from actual world!

@ojahnn in your soul sit two pythons, a good python and a good python

@mus @ojahnn Would not an additional good python assist in outward motion from Python Two's mortality? In our souls sit only a triad of pythons, soon…

@phooky @mus @ojahnn Formula translator as solution to upcoming troubling ophidian schism? Gadzooks!

@dasyatidprime @phooky @mus @ojahnn congrats! i think i got almost all of that, as individual words, but as a group i got nothin' -- good work!

@jamspank (Dropping surplus noisy indications. Many parts follow!)

(I/III) In our world, many who build programs do so with Python. But main Python organization said Python Two, long primary, could not go on. Soon, fixing it will stop, and it will rot. And if you built programs with it, your programs will basically rot too! →

@jamspank (II/III) Originators said that nowadays, you should go for Third Python, as it lacks flaws that Python Two had. But many find no joy and much risk in translating programs, and spurn it badly. And many organizations, having too many tasks, can't go back to think about old programs again. So, will programs using Python Two rot anyway? →

@jamspank (III/III) Collaborators on boards and mailing lists said a lot of angry things about this, and it was to turn into a troubling schism. “ophidian” was my wordplay on its origin.

Formula translation is an old way of programming, from many thousands of days ago. Moving away from Python and going back to it is a mad thought. phooky saw us talking about Python, and brought this up playfully as a conclusion to laugh at; I had it join to my thoughts of schism, just as jokingly.

Is all this lucid now?

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