🚨 Oulipals!!! Do you think you might want our Mastodon installation to support Darius' "local-only" posting functionality? I'm thinking @rjl20 could add that if folks want it... Thoughts?

@ojahnn @rjl20 I don't know if I would do that kind of post on oulipo but it's a strong ya, as it is so handy oh his camp mastodon

@bcj @ojahnn I’m against it, as it would bring work to @rjl20; and particularly ‘cuz with its anybody-can-join policy, oulipo is not a saf spac for privacy as F.C. is.

@bcj @ojahnn @rjl20 I think I’m also for it - in that I do want that local-only thing to grow in popularity until many mastodons do it and all apps support it. I just don’t look at it as a big plus for oulipo in particular. (Small plus, yah!)

@ranjit @bcj @ojahnn @rjl20 I'm liking all modifications that Darius has put into his mastodon port, and I'm a big fan of upcoming list functionality from his to-do list. So on many (tiny) grounds, I think a switch to that port could add to any mastodon spot.

But it's not a major thing at all. Just that if @rjl20 wants to try it out anyway, don't hold back is all I'm saying.

@ranjit @sculpin @tallbox @ojahnn @rjl20 I'm glad Camp's local-only is an additional option vs in that list of public/no listing/&c.


@bcj @ranjit @sculpin @tallbox @ojahnn

(Oulipo-compliant translations for things this patch adds forthcoming...)

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